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wdodd 01-13-2001 06:08 AM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
I''m looking for a boat that can accomodate our family including 3 kids (ages 6,4 & 2). I was initially interested in a Laser because we have a fairly active racing fleet in the area and I wanted to relive some of my college days racing FJ''s.

<p>After some discussion with my wife, she would like to have a larger day-sailor that can accomodate everyone. With the two-year old, this seems to dictate a 18+ foot boat with a cockpit that the kids can sit down in. The Hobie Cat, while a fun lake boat, is thrown out because I don''t want to have to catch small kids as they fall off the forward trapeze or fish them out of the water as they bob past :)

<p>I''ve been looking at the Catalina 18 or the Catalina Capri 22. I suppose my real question is, are these boats easily trailered and do they do well in light wind? We have small lakes and reservoirs in the area and there''s always Lake Powell in the summers. Any suggestions on the smallest, lightest, and most comfortable day-sailor in this category?

<p>I would certainly appreciate hearing from anyone that found a solution for a similar circumstance.

wallpk 01-16-2001 03:45 PM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
RE Family day sailor

Up here in Alberta we have about the same sailing conditions as you do down there so there are a bunch of boats We think are suitable to your needs. But first you have to decide cruising type boat or dingy type boat. Small and light swing keel cruisers would incluid the Sirun, DS16, DS20, Sandpiper, and a few others. Thay are all real light and easy to rig and launch from a trailer, easy to step the mast big enuff for your whole gang BUT slow and kinda piggy.

The catalina and caprie size boats are a little bigger and a little faster but they are a pig to rig for a day sail from a trailer no matter what anyone tells ya. The 2 year old aint going to help step the mast.

Then theres the dingy option. Light easy to rig some can hold the whole fammily. Faster and more fun but a lot more tippy.

I know down there folks go for the Caprie 16 and 18 type boats but they are heavyer and less fun than some. My wife runs a sail school and what we get folks into is Albacores Verry fast verry light 250 lb, and bench seats for the kids. When the family would rather be on the beach. Grab some guy ( or that girl in the bikini) and go Blast some screaming reaches! Better yet leave the kids with the girl in the bikini and get you wife out there rocketing with ya.

Lots of time for the piggy boats when your 70.

Albacore has a good web page if your interested, with lots of 2nd hand boats and you can buy a fleet for the price of a catalina 22

Have fun

arja 01-17-2001 06:22 AM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
I went from a Boston Whaler 17'' with an open cockpit and cuddy with centerboard based in Cherry creek Reseviour to a Capri 22 with wing keel and cabin capable of sleeping 4 when my daugher and son were born. As you know, many Colorado lakes are quite cold, so stability is most important. Also, my kids enjoy the water, but love to play in the cabin while I can single hand. We are moored in Lake Dillon which requires both a close watch of flukey winds and life jackets are the water is very cold. With a roller furler and self tailing primaries, things work well. It is also a big enough boat with lifelines which I installed netting port and starboard of the cockpit that the kids can enjoy the topsides and foredeck when we choose to motor with the outboard. With very young children, my experience is that one needs a secure, safe environment for them, namely a cabin, a stable boat, and the time to sail safely as well as watch kids. Having a tiller and an outboard, as well as good vistas, Summit County, sems to work well for us. The kids are now 8 and 10, and put sailing on their agendas, while it is also on mine. As to launching and rigging, this is a 2-3 hour effort, including bending on sails, should you be thinking in that direction. Good luck

tmdata 01-19-2001 05:19 PM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
I have been sailing and trailering in Colo since 1975. Currently, I race a Capri 25 out of Cherry Creek and travel to 6 other lakes each year, Colo to Wyo to Neb. I would recommend that you add both the Catalina 22 and the J22 to your shopping list. The Catalina 22 is probably the heavest, but also the roomest and is available in three hull configurations. The J22 is similar to the Capri 22 but quicker and with a better resale market. Checkout the SAIL website in the Colo area

chuckg 01-28-2001 09:43 AM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
You sound like you really want to do two separate things. On one hand you want to sail fast in a dingy (there is actually a wonderful FJ fleet which sails most all of the local reservoirs and boats can be had pretty cheap) and then you want to family daysail. Nothing short of a keelboat is going to keep your wife and kids from feeling terrorized out there in flukey Colorado winds and when those late afternoon squalls hit, you dont want to be out on Chatfield Reservoir with an infant in a racing dingy. If you don''t mind the short season of sailing Lake Dillon, you can daysail and race either J22 or J24 boats up there and can probably moor it. Carter Lake is another fun place to sail and has enough depth to use a full keel boat but it must be trailerable as I don''t think there is a lift at Carter Lake yet.

wdodd 01-28-2001 06:44 PM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
I''m checking back in with some updates. Thanks to all those that have weighed in with their opinions. I went and looked at a J/22 and also met with the kind folks at The Anchorage in Lyons, CO. They turned me on to the Catalina 18 which seems to be a good solution for us. Stable, sails reasonably well, easy single-hander, trailerable. With the mast raising system (and practice) they thought I could have the boat rigged in 30-40 minutes, which doesn''t sound too bad. I''m partial to Catalina''s because my brother lived aboard a Catalina 30 for several years (in Long Beach, CA - just a short trip from Catalina Island).

<p> The 18 is a litte small to spend the night on, but I don''t imagine we''ll do much of this. I''m more interested in just running about for the afternoon.

<p>I understand that slips in Cherry Creek of Chatfield run about $1500 for the season. Does anyone know what the storage yards charge in comparison?

tmdata 01-29-2001 03:17 PM

Family Day-Sailor (in Colorado)
Cherry Creek offered locked storage on the lot, mast up on the trailer for $275 or $300 a season last year. Check with Todd @ or 303-699-2501 for this upcoming season.

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