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mountforever 07-10-2009 09:24 PM

Thinking about buying a Columbia 22. Help!
Hey everyone. So I've recently gotten the sailing bug and I am super into the C22's. I found a great little C22 here for $500. Needs a little TLC just as much as I need more sailing lessons. But I figured I'd buy her, drive her to the new marina with the outboard and as I continue with my sailing lessons, refit her and grow together. There's a couple of issues I wanted to see what the group has to say about the boat....because money is kind of an object.

#1) The rudder is really loose, wobbly even. The guy who is selling the boat for a charity said that all I'd have to do is pull up the tiller and knock out the rudder and take the thing to a machine shop and have them re-machine the bushings for about $60. Anyone done this in the past?

#2) there looks to be a little damage on the hull - like something hit the boat. softly. just some cracking and scrapes. he's sure its just the gel coat. can i just touch up the gel coat of paint or reinforce it with anything?

#3) The motor mount doesn't lower. its an OMC part- the bolts just look super worn out and rusted. can i take the mount off and replace the bolts? also it looks like it puls some of the transom away from the would i slip some marine ply in there to stiffen it up?

I would need to clean the bottom. Its could use a coat of bottom paint but the guy says it can't just go on a mount b/c it doesn't have an internal frame to support it- that i'd need to go with some marina and a sling device....could i just dive and scub it myself and call it okay?

I love the forum and appreciate the help!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!

Ryan Verzaal
San Francisco CA

mountforever 07-10-2009 09:24 PM

also - i want those cool images of my little boat next to my user name like you long time users do i do that?

dvideohd 07-11-2009 12:17 AM

If one thing is off.....
Then there is LIKELY a lot more that you can't see...

I have a Columbia 28 MKII

Find a friend with a moisture meter and go over every inch of deck.... take a dead head - rubber hammer and tap it looking for deck/hull damage... inspect it REAL CLOSELY...

I truly love the old 28... it's classic plastic... a real clorox bottle with style... but there are things wrong with it and it will take $$ to bring up to par.....


go look - be crawl over and inspect every inch... really give the rigging a solid check..... have some ideas of what it will cost to fix....

A $500 deal may cost you $5K more to bring up to par... or it might cost nothing... !!!!!

good luck...


WheresTheBrakes 07-11-2009 01:04 AM

I agree.. a $500 boat to learn on is great.. as long as someone can assure you that there is nothing terribly wrong with it. go to the marina and find a random sailor, offer him a couple of beers for his advice.. you can't expect a bulletproof bluewater cruiser for $500, but you should make sure nothing's about to "let go" on your first sail..
SO, that's my advice, find any sailor smarter than you, offer 'em a couple of beers and see what they say.. I'm not an expert, but if I'm the best you can find, I'd throw in my 2cents..

best way to find out if the bottom is easily cleaned.. bring trunks and the brush from the kitchen sink :)

jephotog 07-11-2009 08:55 AM

Depends on your budget
What is your over all budget. Can you afford to shell out $2-5000 now? If so do that and get a really nice solid boat and be done with it. At least for now, there will be plenty more work and money to spend down the road. I grew up in the bay area and look at latitude 38 every so often and see lots of boats in the under $5000 range with new paint, good sails, good motor. There was a Ranger 23 for $1000 a while back nicely rigged but had been on the hard for a while, and another one for around $3000 ready to sail away.

I agree with dvideohd that there are probably more problems hidden and it could be a long expensive project, costing more than a $2k to get the boat in good shape. You might be able to get the bottom fairly clean by diving yourself but do you want to do it once a week or every other week. Repairing the transom could be a major chore, that might need the boat hauled. Check to see the cost of hauling the boat, and yard time while you paint and repair the transom and whatever else is wrong. Add a grand or 2 for new sails if the ones on the boat are tired. I imagine a C22 in good shape ready to sail going for $2-3K. You could spend many grand and lots of sweat equity over the years for a boat that is only worth $2k in the end. If you are going to pay eventually, I'd rather pay now and go sailing.

If you only have $500 to spend now, have someone check the boat out now and make sure its not going to fail right away and get out on the water.

Also if money is that tight, what does it cost to put a boat in a marina there? Think about the Cal (Berkley) Sailing Club. I remember it being dirt cheap with a fleet of Lidos and Ensigns to sail, 22 dingys 6 keel boats and 80 windsurfers for $200 a year plus a few hours of service each quarter.

sailingdog 07-11-2009 09:28 AM

Cheap boats are usually far more expensive than the same boat in good condition. If you are serious about this boat, I'd recommend you read the Boat Inspection Trip Tips thread I started, as it will help you determine what the real condition of this boat is. If it has more than one serious issue, fixing it may cost considerably more than buying the same boat in good shape.

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