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jbarros 11-30-2002 03:43 PM

need a small boat with shower
ok, I''m lame. I need an inside shower. I also need a small boat I can singlehand. Needs to be something capable of taking a beeting (I want to start by treking to Peru, and then see where I go from there)

1. Needs to be truley seaworthy.

2.needs a shower, but other creature comforts are not as important.

3. needs to be easy to sail.

4. if it could point, that would be nice too.

5. smaller is actualy prefered, as I just find smaller boats easier, funner (is that a word? more fun?) and less intimidating.

6. oh yhea, and incredibly inexpensive would be nice too.

Old is ok. I''m currently looking at how to jam a shower into a triton. slow is ok, but fast is prefered. of course, truely seaworthy generaly means slower than the light planing boats.

give me some suggestions? anything in the under 30'' catagory? and for those selling, I''m sorry, I''m just window shopping and looking around right now, so dont be upset if I dont want to buy your boat. I cant. :(

Thanks. :)

-- James

Juker 12-03-2002 06:21 AM

need a small boat with shower
Actually, I think a shower is an essential.

Someone please correct me if I''m wrong--and I''ve seen conflicting specifications--but I believe the Cape Dory 25D has a shower.

One of this boatís best features is that the head is where the v-berth normally is. To me this is emminently sensible, and Iím surprised this layout is so rare.

They were produced between 1982 and 1985 and only 189 were built. Currently the lowest asking price on YachtWorld is $22K but I think you could eventually find one for 12 to 15K.

Donít confuse the 25D with just the 25; the latter is not an offshore boat and is not an Alberg design. The way to tell the difference is that the 25D has inboard diesel (hence the "D") and the 25 usually is gas.

I would consider all Cape Dory boats 25í or greater, provided that itís a Carl Alberg design. However, prices quickly escalate into the 30s and 40s.

SailorMitch 12-03-2002 06:58 AM

need a small boat with shower
Try using that head in the bow in a seaway and you might understand why that layout is so rare. (I suggest wearing a helmet should you try this.)

While not a student of boats with showers, you could install one of those telephone shower heads in any boat with a head. Put up some hooks for a shower curtain to protect the rest of the head and there you go. My Pearson 27 has such an arrangement, as do tons of other boats. The setup works, although it helps if you can dislocate both shoulders at once.

I don''t know if you mean a separate shower stall as well, but that will eat up a lot of space in a boat the size you''re talking you''ll need for better purposes IMHO.

Sailormon6 12-03-2002 09:57 AM

need a small boat with shower
Some people install those telephone shower heads in the cockpit, thereby avoiding the need for a helmet, or the ability to dislocate your shoulders.(ouch!)

windship2 12-03-2002 06:18 PM

need a small boat with shower
Somebody correct me if I''m wrong but the Cape Dory 25 and the 25D are the same boats, desighned by C.Alberg, only in ''83 CD added the option of a diesel inboard and designated that boat the 25D.
At any rate, it''s a beautiful boat.


Stan S 12-04-2002 07:17 AM

need a small boat with shower
See the Review by Pracitcal Sailor. The boats are totaly differently. PS was very favorable on the 25D. I was looking for a 25D when I came across my 24 Bristol with a inboard Diesel. Boats are very similar except for the V berth vs head.

windship2 12-04-2002 02:34 PM

need a small boat with shower
Stan S,
Ok, I went to PS and read but wasn''t convinced. So I went to the Cape Dory web site and there it all was. Your right about the CD 25 but it only came with an out board.
Allied built the design first and called it the Greenwhich 24.


msl 12-08-2002 03:32 AM

need a small boat with shower
Allied Seawind II has a cockpit shower and one in the head as well. The head doesn''t have a sink. That is across from the enclosed head.
It is a nice arrangement.
Mark L.

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