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jsamuels 12-10-2002 07:55 AM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
I am ready to buy that first used boat, but Iím not sure what to buy. I know with my budget ($3200) my choices are limited. To give you an idea of what I would like, here are a few criteria to go with, nothing more than 25í and nothing less than 19í, berths, small galley, small salon, bow and stern pulpits, running lights, shore power, basic electronics, selection of sails and of course the hull, rigging and keel should all be in great condition. I know this is asking a lot of an older boat butÖ

mikehoyt 12-10-2002 09:59 AM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
Makes a big difference if that is US$ or Canadian $$$.

Look for something in the 22 foot range. Many boats built in 70''s are now going for as little as 5000 Cdn. Try for something like a Tanzer 22. You will have to spend a lot of time looking at that price you will have to look for a while.

Good Luck


SailorMitch 12-10-2002 11:06 AM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
I just did a check on both Sailnet and Yachtworld for boats for sale using your criteria and came up with the following interesting boats (in no order): Catalina 22, Bristol 22, Cal 25, Coronado 25, O''Day 22, Aquarius 23, Kells 23, U.S. Yachts 22, Morgan 25 to name a few. You might want to check these sites yourself and go look at some of these boats in your area. See what appeals to you and go from there. Quite a hodgepodge of boats in this group. The Tanzer 22 is also a good suggestion, but none showed up on either site in this price range. Good luck, and be ready to do some cleaning and waxing.

1Rsalsman23 12-13-2002 05:54 AM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
My first boat was a 76 Laguna windrose 24, which seems to have been a sort of imitator of the old Catalina 22. Slow and fairly uncomfortable boats, in my opinion. I sold it and bought a Mirage 236, from Mirage Mfg. in Gainesville FL. These boats are hard to find because the company made very few of them. I bought mine for $2500 and sold it for $3500. It is one of the best sailing small boats I''ve ever sailed. (I''m still kicking myself for selling it.) the 9ft 2 inch beam made it almost impossible to trailer, but the cabin is very comfortable. Still, the boats best feature is its performance. There was one on Ebay just recently with an opening bid of $2800. I''d go out on a limb and say it''s about as good a boat for the money as you will find. In addition to the 236 (23 1/2'') they also made a Mirage 5.5. Yahoo hosts a Mirage 5.5 group and they are all crazy about their boats as well.

mfatic 12-14-2002 06:14 PM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
Don''t know if the price is in your budget but check this other post out that I saw here.

oystersb 12-20-2002 06:12 PM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
I''ll tell you what the folks in the know told me when buying my first boat. Catalina 22, Catalina 22, Catalina 22 ... period ... in no particular order. And to them I say - thank you!...thank you!...thank you!

dgjax 12-28-2002 05:58 PM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
Well, I may get shot on here, but we bought a 1982 Hunter 22 a couple of years ago which we love. Only made for a few years to make way for the 23, which isn''t nearly as good, so not many out there. If you can find one take a look, it''s a very nice boat. Sails well, tons of room, fairly quick. Good luck

happysails2u 12-29-2002 05:30 AM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
I have a Catalina 22 for sale. It has a dual axle trailor that is included in the price of 2,300.00 us. It is a 1971 keel/center board in excellent cond. I am located in sarasota,fl area. Thanks,Gene Ps- comes with 3 sails

DirtManly 12-31-2002 08:17 PM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
I am very impressed with the Mirage 236 as well. I have a friend at our club who has one and we sail it regularly. If you can find one it''s a great choice.
Another idea for you is the Seafarer 22 or 23, normally they sell for a little more than your budget, but right now there is one on Yachtworld that is within your budget and it''s supposed to be in good shape. I had one of these a few years ago and i could kick myself for selling it. These boats are very stable, well mannered under sail, shallow draft, they are gorgeous to look at and have a very comfortable motion.
Good luck

firemedic607 01-30-2003 11:18 AM

$3200 and not sure what to buy?????
I am looking for a Catalina 22 to purchase, preferable an older model. Happysails2u if you still have the boat send me an e-mail, my mom/dad and brothers live in Sarasota and can come take a look at it for me. Thanks Bo

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