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1Rsalsman23 12-13-2002 04:22 AM

Seidelmann Boats?
I''m thinking of buying a Seidelmann 30T for club racing and inland cruising. However, I have a concern about the build quality of the boats. Anybody familiar with the boats?

Jeff_H 12-13-2002 09:44 AM

Seidelmann Boats?
The Seidelmann 30T staeted life as a MORC rule maxi. It was designed at a time when MORC produced some less than ideal designs and the 30T was certainly one of them. Thier high wetted surface, heavy weight for a 30 foot race boat, low form and ballast stability and small sail area make them a very tricky to sail well at either end of the wind range.

The proportions of the rig on these boats requires quite a large sail inventory to race one competitively.

Build quality wise I am much more familiar with the Seidelmann 25''s and later Seidelmann cruising boats. These were not terribly robustly constructed boats and had a lot of issues with some of the systems (electrical and plumbing) installation.

Unless this boat is very inexpensively priced ($10K or so) and reasonably well maintained, and with a good sail inventory, I would suggest that you steer clear.

In this price range there are a wide range of better sailing, better constructed boats that you might want to consider.


SloopSailor 12-13-2002 02:22 PM

Seidelmann Boats?
Well, personally if it isn''t real cheap I would pass. Built supposedly to MORC rules, they really aren''t built well or are fast enough to compete.

We had one where I sail, only the slowest boats couldn''t sail past her. They also had problems with much of the hardware on her, but that could have been due to the previous owners neglect.

1Rsalsman23 12-15-2002 05:41 AM

Seidelmann Boats?
Thanks for the advice. I had heard bad things about the build quality, but I admit I was tempted by the idea of getting a beamy 30 footer for under 10K. I guess you get what you pay for... I''ll keep looking.

DirtManly 12-31-2002 02:50 PM

Seidelmann Boats?
Well Guy''s,
I respectfuly disagree with your opinions. I have owned a 30 T for a couple years now and I love this boat. It sails very well and is quite capable of sailing to it''s PHRF rating. I have been racing with someone else (we took first in our fleet), or I would be racing this boat regularly. In the past when I have raced it I have done respectably well.
We have spent many a weekend out on her and she is very comfortable to stay on.
As for form stability and the egineering aspect of the numbers, i''m not up on that, but i can tell you she''s very stable. Mind you 40 mph is the freshest breeze i''ve had her out in. Between 30 and 40 be prepared to get wet going to wind, cause it sprays worse than a dingy. That''s really the only major shortcoming I''m aware of.
I bought my boat from the original owner and he was absolutely anal about taking care of it. He still emails me every couple months to see how i''m doing with his old boat.
Of course you should have it surveyed, but I don''t think you would be disapointed if it''s in good shape. It has a ton of room for a thirty footer.
Good luck

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