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dnr 12-14-2002 06:01 PM

Need ''''survey on the hard'''' advice
I''m seriously considering a boat that is currently in NY state which I''ll truck to Florida. I''d like to make purchase in the next couple months. I will get a surveyor, but I''m a little concerned because it will not be possible to conduct a sea trial. Seller has suggested an escrow on engine until boat is launched. That''s great, but what about all the other issues that may not be evident without a sea trial? Is it common for surveys to be done on the hard only? I''ve had some brokers tell me that surveyor sea trials occur, but most surveys don''t include them.
Any suggestions?


ray1248 12-15-2002 02:01 AM

Need ''''survey on the hard'''' advice
Here on the Chesapeake, a sea trial is an integral part of a survey. I''m curious about your buying a NY boat and shipping it to FL. Although the sun and salt are hard on FL boats, most I see are a bargain compared to prices elsewhere.

kaweeka 12-15-2002 02:39 AM

Need ''''survey on the hard'''' advice
A good surveyor should be able to spot agregious deficencies during the land inspection. The spar and sails can be inspected there as well and a creative water source can be rigged up to run the engine as wellas an oil sample which would tell you alot about the condition. You will probably only have minor points if any come up during the sea trial and can place a clause in the contract about re-negotiating the price after that. I would think you will have a fairly good idea of the boat prior to launching it.
I am in a similar position in that i live in SW Florida and I''m finding boats in the NE that I might buy. It''s a difficult position with a bit more risk but with a little creativity you''ll find an acceptable solution. Remember, you can put anything in a contract that both parties agree upon.
Also, ask the surveyor what is customary in that area for someone buying a boat during the winter months...I''m sure he''s come across this before.

dnr 12-15-2002 02:46 AM

Need ''''survey on the hard'''' advice
Ray 1248
As for prices, I agree there is a NE premium. In this instance, the boats are on Lake Ontario, and are priced comparable to what I''ve found in Fla and N.C.. The difference in condition is remarkable. I think 4 month sailing vs 12, salt vs fresh and UV difference can result in a much better used boat for the money.

slipacre 12-15-2002 03:32 AM

Need ''''survey on the hard'''' advice
Having a couple of surveys that didn''t make it off the hard I will say that most everything can be tested without a sea trial.
Can run engine but not sure how you could put a load on it. But could do compression test for sure... Since you will be shipping you''ll be taking the mast down and will be able to look at it better than even an agile surveyor. Doubt that renegotation is a real possibilty as by the time you have it in Fla you will have put a lot into it. Am assuming it is small enough that shipping is reasonable?

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