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jbarros 12-19-2002 11:01 AM

question about selling a boat

I''ve reciently started to notice a rather large rift in prices for boats. I''ve been considering selling mine to move up to a larger craft, but I''m not sure whats fair.

general advice would be apreciated. specific info on my conundrum is below.

I picked up a nice little 20'' sloop for $1,000. it had a new honda outboard, 7 sail inventory (all in good shape, some I dont think have ever been out of the bag, I only use the main on the mast and the genoa) 20# plow and 5# cqr both on 200''1/2 inch +20''chain. boats got classic lines, in good condition, a bit of paint issues below and no electric (including lights) when I bought it, but those are both fixed now, and the teak has all been brough back to a natural color (it was silver which may have been fine, but some was cracking, so I decided to bring the rest back to a less dry state.)

I have a feeling I got a decent deal and she''s worth more than $1,000, however...

There''s another 20'' in the slip across from me. it''s got an older evenrude engine, 2 sail inventory, 1 anchor, and I''ve been on the deck and it doesnt feel as solid built. It IS roller furling (Josie''s got all hank on head sails)

(and subjective as it is, I think Josie''s got much prettier lines)

they''re asking $4,000!!! and have had people looking at it. are they right? is my boat worth that? more than that?

I dont realy want to invest hundreds in getting her yanked and getting a survey just to sell it, when I presume the buyer would do the same anyway (if it''s that much, I didnt when I got her, but she was $1000, so...)

Should I bite the bullet and get a survey? should I just price it like my neighbor? I know the newer catalina 22''s go for more, but this is a boat from the 60''s (thick glass ;) ) and I''m kindof at a loss.

Thanks for your feedback.

-- James

RyanMI25 12-19-2002 12:04 PM

question about selling a boat
You can always try to sell for a higher price and if no one buys it and you are getting desperate lower the price.

I sold 3 boats in the last year and a half for various reasons. 1 I held onto for a while and sold for about what it was worth. 2 of them sold very quickly and I know from the number of inqueries I got that I definetely sold them for far to little money.

It doesn''t hurt to at first try asking for more then you think it is worth.

Irwin32 12-19-2002 06:05 PM

question about selling a boat
Some things to think about:
1. Newer brings more money regardless of construction - this is the perception of the market.
2. A name people recognize means more money.
3. Interior space is a seller. Many buyers don''t consider the performance of a boat, just how many she sleeps, head room, etc. They have to convince their wives.
4. Teak is a negative. Even though it may look good, who wants to maintain it?
5. Many sellers mistakenly feel that extra gear and improvements should help the price. The truth is, it is a lot easier to equip a newer looking boat than it is to make a well equiped worn boat look new.

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