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NHPortah 10-14-2009 12:00 PM

One Design Dinghy w/ Traveler?
Lightnings have a "traveler/bridle," but does it have the same function and operation as a deck/transom mounted track traveler? I have two small kids, and a wife who doesn't like to swim. So I naturally looked into the Flying Scot (FS). It has a headsail, spin, vang, cunningham, outhaul, (basics) but no traveler. I'd like to better learn how to use the traveler. On my old Cape Dory 25, I moved it to windward when close-hauled... but never used it to dynamically control the boom. The most notable rigging difference between the Lightning and the FS seems to be a more adjustable standing rigging on the Lightning, (True?). I like the sail trim and standing rigging adjustments on the Lightnings, but (ironically) I am concerned that so many control lines will make family sailing a bit clumsy. I'd love to see more photos of Lightnings that have clean looking cockpits. Also, if someone has righted capsized Lightnings and a FSs, I'd like to hear the comparison. I imagine both of them are beasts to right single handed.

For practicality, I think I am leaning towards a FS, but wish it had better lines and lower free-board. The Celebrity 20 (beautiful lines) has just about everything I am looking for except local fleets and capsize bouyancy. The new ones may have additional bouyancy, but very expensive.

I loved my old Buccaneer 18, but it is a little wet in chop and has tippy primary stability (secondary stability is great however).

Okay. I know that in every discussion about large-ish one-design dinghy selection, contributors always suggest Cal-22 or J24. That is simply too much boat for me. I had a CD 25, and I am looking for a more compact boat with decent sail trim features. We have many factors to consider, (family comfort, trim controls, safety) but size is firmly 17'-20' with CB, not keel.

Thanks for your input! -Trey

UmbraeRichy 10-15-2009 04:12 AM


Here are a few dinghies (more or less within the LOA range you specified) which have a traveller/cart system :

-Byte (cat boat, main only; very similar to laser radial as per SA)
-CL 16 (sloop with spin option, not great to capsize/right tho)
-Hobie 16 (catamaran)
-Nacra 5.2 (catamaran)
-most albacores have a traveller system as well (be careful tho, I have seen some which had a bridle setup);
-Some older Int 420s might be found with an adjustable traveller or Club 420s have adjustable bridle systems.



UmbraeRichy 10-15-2009 04:17 AM

Just thought of another one or two...

a Thistle has a traveller as well and fits many of your criteria too.

Same with the lark, a bit smaller than the thistle though...


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