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larsfis 01-12-2003 06:31 PM

Is fast worth it?

I am a long time beach cat racer who is ready to make the switch to the world of monohulls. I''m looking for a small (25''-29'')boat that can be sailed comfortably by 2 persons but which can accomodate guests for a day out on the water. Sailing grounds would be S. Florida coastal waters. On one hand I want comfort, and on the other I want performance and speed. I want to motor serenely up the intracoastal with a few friends one day, and the next, crew and I should be able to sheet in hard and enjoy the spray of the ocean.
Inquisitive as to the nature of speed in monohulls, my search started by reviewing the PHRF numbers. For a 26'' boat I''m seeing numbers more or less between 160 and 220. And so if I were in the bare bone racer, every mile sailed I would get a minute closer to my destination than the guy with a big heavy cruiser and all the amenities. I have to admit that does not seem awfully much faster. So where''s the trade off?
If I am not looking to race but would really enjoy performance sailing, where do I draw the line between racer and cruiser? Please give me your opinions on the boats I should be looking out for. My current search list is:

Olson 25
Kirby 25
Evelyn 26
Lindenberg 26
S2 7.9
SR 27
Mariah 27
Thanks in advance for any feedback!!!
W.P.B., FL.

P.S. As you well know, most of us Hobie guys prefer to sit on the beach with six-packs of Hamm''s rather than at the yacht club sipping top shelf martinis. Truth be told, when I say my budget here is $10k, you can bet it is preferably less.

P.S.S. Though I have yet to see one much less sail one, I am drawn to the Lindenberg 26. Does anyone have specific knowledge of this boat?

Bart Toby 01-12-2003 07:15 PM

Is fast worth it?

Having a J-24 presently for sale, but likly to far for you to travel? I will give you my slanted view of your question.

J-24 are fast and fun, Yes some of the other boats are also fast and fun. but no other boat on your list has close to 5400 hulls built todate and still building 20 plus per year.

There are web sites, local racing,and a strong class association. Every one has seen or sailed a j-24 at one time so when it comes time to sell, it should not take forever. I presently race my J-24 in a Perf fleet the boat is rated 174 on our lake. for some reason I got stuck with a 165 rating which is the problem with Perf racing. as for the question of "Is fast worth it" after a stunt of cat sailing, every boat you listed, will seem slow!

Good luck

the reason we are selling the J is that we live 2 hours from where we sail and would like a boat that we can stand in while down below.


larsfis 01-13-2003 05:29 AM

Is fast worth it?
Thanks Bart.

Your rationale on selling your J-24 is yet another reason to question the sensability of the "fast" boats. I sailed a Merit 25 a few months back: very nice boat, but no standing headroom below.

I know I''m not going to get multihull speeds out of a monohull, but I''m looking for a boat that is exciting to sail and can handle some blue water.

waltersofbayport 01-16-2003 06:52 AM

Is fast worth it?
Not that I used the exact same criteria as you, but I too wanted a boat that performed a bit better. Mostly because the winds are usually pretty light in Minnesotas short summer. You didn''t list the Beneteau First 235, but it is slightly higher than your budget range (10k - 15k).

A boat that I like from your list is the S2 7.9. They''re fast, stable (don''t forget to pin down that lifting keel!!) with a large interior. It also has a large cockpit that can comfortably seat 6 adults. They are limited in headroom (5''10" I think), but seem to be a good fit for your needs.

Good Luck

mattf 01-16-2003 08:31 AM

Is fast worth it?
I think you should add Cal 25, Cal 2-25 to your list. Fast and fun. (not as fast as some of your choices, but much more comfortable ride.) Larger homier interior as well. Cals were strongly built, are available, and you could get a nice one for $10k or less. Just a thought.


doubleplay 01-16-2003 01:55 PM

Is fast worth it?
Fast is a relative term...
Nothing less than PHRF 100-110 considered fast in a lot of fleets.
Unfortunately the boats you listed are all over PHRF 165 and unless you are planning on a run with spinnaker and a lot of wind, they are SLOW boats.
But no matter what it is going to be a different experience than the cat,so pick the one you like the most and have fun.
Fair Winds

larsfis 01-16-2003 03:45 PM

Is fast worth it?
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

To be sure, there is nothing under 30'' faster than PHRF 110 - save the Melges.

Is the quest for speed meaningful in a non-racing world? And shouldn''t qualities like sea-worthiness, comfort, and build take on a higher value in a 6-10 knot world?

It''s all about the ride - isn''t it? I''m just looking for that right combination of exciting day-sailor and trusty cruiser that can tool around in the bahamas for a week or two.

Bart Toby 01-16-2003 04:22 PM

Is fast worth it?

Why don''t you think about an older C&C 30? built between 1970-81
Perf 174 lake Huron 162 lake Ontario
headroom 6''plus
sails well but may not point as high as some! but the stiffest C&C of her time. had friends sail one down south for two years and their still together! most have atomic 4 which is very common and easy to repair, Big Jenny plus or minus becouse the main is smaller making it easyer to handle most times the Jenny is on roller furling so if the wind pipes-up just roll it up, down side is that you end up with a small main. Must watch out for decks, mast steps, etc. hope that helps.


harvh 01-17-2003 08:01 AM

Is fast worth it?
C&C has an enormous following of people just like you. The C&C 30 will give most boats a run for their money yet provide you with some very nice creature comforts. C&C''s also maintain a very respectable resale. The boats are often refered to as the poor mans Swan. Not a bad thing to have!

hamiam 01-17-2003 11:41 AM

Is fast worth it?
I had a 1982 C&C 30. Great boat. Would highly recommend it. A good turn of speed and very respectable accommodations for 4. Standing headroom in the middle part of the cabin.

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