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IslandParrot 01-20-2001 05:06 AM

Cruising Catamarans...
Anyone out there online living aboard and cruising a PDQ 36'' or a Prout Manta 38'' cat.?
I am looking at both boats as my next home and would welcome any and all info both postive or negative on those 2 cruising catamarans or any other mid sized cats that you have 1st hand knowledge of.

Thanks in advance for your input..

sean 01-25-2001 04:11 PM

Cruising Catamarans...
I am also looking to buy a P.D.Q.36. I would appriaciate it if you could foward any info you get.We hope to get one soon.Thanks

IslandParrot 01-26-2001 01:02 PM

Cruising Catamarans...

Well have to say so far I am not the least bit impressed with the web site. Have yet to have a single "real" responce from anyone with first hand knowledge on PDQ.. I did have some guy who seemed to be a broker and was suppose to know a lot about most cats, I never called him inperson like he ask me to, was out to sea. He pretty much bad mouthed PDQ and also the catalac 41'' I was looking at.. BUT from some of his comments it lead me to believe he had never sailed or owned either. I ask him just WHAT he consided a good cruising cat and only responce I could get was "call him". I have friend on PDQ down in Trinidad who have been downisland for a number of years and like it except for the fact its a LRC which has the inboard diesels & shorter mast. They said stay away from those (LRC).. I have been looking up and down east coast, Florida to Annapolis for 6 months. Seen a lot of cats but keep coming back to PDQ. Liked the catalac 41'' (12 meter), had more space than I could believe, BUT it was a 1983 and we don''t want to go that old, have 2 old boats now and they are starting to be problems, a ''81 Endeavour and a ''81 Irwin.

Found a 1991 Prout Manta 38" really liked from S.Africa, but guy wants too much for it and won''t come down. Looks to be a strong boat. Had a bid accepted and a like new 1990 PDQ 34'' but heard some bad things about that model from a owner.

Have been to PDQ web site and have been waiting over a month for a responce from PDQ on some questions I ask them on different models and years and 3 boats we are looking at.. still NO responce back from them?? :-(
Posted a msg on owners site but only a couple msg''s, was a real dissappointment as thought would get a lot of responces..

Let me know if you hear anything worthwhile..
Don B.. still lookin'' and listening..

amatjeka 01-29-2001 04:07 AM

Cruising Catamarans...
I am investigating buying a 35'' Wildcat. It is in good shape...completely. It is a 1999 model, the price is good. Has anyone out there got any experience with Wildcats and their ability to perform passages? Yes, I know that they are manufactured in South Africa and sailed over....just want more info prior to committing.

sean 01-29-2001 10:08 AM

Cruising Catamarans...
Sorry we don''t know anything about the Wildcat 35.

IslandParrot 01-29-2001 04:26 PM

Cruising Catamarans...
Hello.. NO first hand knowledge on Wildcat. But looked it up in my Multihulls Guide and it says new cost is $135k (US) and its from Durban, SA. PO BBox 5590, Durban 4000, SA. Phone# (27) 31-304-2994. Its built by "Prime Boating" and was introduced in 1996..

If you don''t have a copy suggest ya find a copy of "Sailors Multihull Guide" 2nd edition. A great book that has most of the late model cats listed with the specs for them and pictures of layouts and etc.. Its really good to use as a reference guid, has been for us at least..


travellerw 06-09-2006 12:20 AM

I also have no first had knowledge about Wildcats but I will point you to a website of a horror story. This couple is currently circumnavigating in a Wildcat 35 and had to spend about 40k US just to fix the manufacturing defects. Luckily this couple budgeted enough that they were able to cover this and not end their adventure. NZ Repair.htm

sailingdog 06-09-2006 12:47 AM

I'd recommend the Sailors Multihull Guide, but believe that the most current edition is the 3rd, not the second, and that the fourth is about to be released shortly. I'd also get Chris White's The Cruising Multihull.

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