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Waterline 01-21-2001 10:26 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
I have run across a 1989 Catalina 27 that shall we say is a little damp. The owner didn''t winterize properly and the boat took on water thru the H2O intake on the inboard diesel. The H2O froze and split the intake filter. The boat went down to the top of the deck flooding all electronics and engine. It was down in a VERY clean and clear lake for almost 48 hours. Since the engine has been checked out by a mechanic, run and pickled. The electronic board will need to be replaced as well as the cushions. Is this boat to be avoided. The ownner will take $10K for the boat with an aditional $4K at the end of 1 year if all is well with the boat. Any and all repairs will be deducted from the balance due after the year. Any suggestions?
Skeptically wet behind the ears

mrputzo 01-21-2001 11:27 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
The price seems very high considering all the potential problems. I would look another one. Even at a price of 10K flat I would stay away.

hamiam 01-22-2001 01:21 PM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
Do yourself a huge favor and pass on this "opportunity." Used boats have enough problems without having the added complications associated with immersion. Look at the prices of simliar used boats and you will see that this, unfortunately, is not a deal. If you want a good, very cheap used boat check out places like Block Island Marittime, the URI Foundation, and the other academies.

Waterline 01-22-2001 08:22 PM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
Thanks so much for the information on URI and the others. How would you suggest moving a 28'' to 30'' boat from their loccation in RI to the midwest? I am new to this and not sure what types of costs would be associated with such a move. Again any suggestions are very much appreciated.

hamiam 01-23-2001 03:33 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
A 28'' to 30'' boat can be hauled overland by any of the boat hauling companies out there. I have used a company called JOWI Yacht Transport and would highly recommend you give Wiley, Jr. a call. Basically, you pack up the boat and remove the mast and Wiley comes along with a huge trailer and hauls the rig and the hull to your location. If you plan ahead, the cost ends up being quite reasonable.


jnfrey 01-28-2001 07:26 PM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
don''t buy this boat unless you can get it for $2000 tops, you''ll spend the rest of your life taking care of it.

Waterline 01-29-2001 03:30 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
Thank you all who replied to this post. I settled on and bought a 91 Capri 26. The boat seems to have everything I need (and many things I don''t) to start off in my sailing experience.
Seemed like everyone was in agreement that the Cat 27 should be avoided.
Again thanks to all the knowledgeable people on SailNet.

WildPony 03-29-2001 01:16 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
I''m new to this forum so please bear with me. I was curious as to why avoid 27ft Catalina? I heard they were good for ocean voyages. Any tidbits would be helpful, as we are in the process of choosing our boat. Right now we have a 1968 26ft Grampian and it''s almost like choosing a mate. Just as difficult! :) Any comments welcomed about the 27 Catalina. One of the features we read about was they rolled real good to come right back up. Not that I want it to roll all the way under and back up but to know a boat could withstand the harsh weather and waves is a good thing. :)

Thanks for your time....

Jeff_H 03-29-2001 02:44 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
Its like this, boats are built for a purpose and the Catalina was built as a coastal cruiser/ racer. I have been racing on one for a while now and think that they are a lot of boat for the money and really sail quite well for their age and price.

BUT, these are not boats that I would want to spend a lot of time sailing on long ocean passages. They are just not that robust. They have large unsupported hull panels that routinely flex in even a small seaway (over a long hard passage you would slowly take the boat apart as this kind of flexing takes a real toll on fiberglass and connections to fiberglass.) We have bent a boom and broken mast hardware by dipping a boom in a spinaker broach. A boat that I would want to take to sea I would want to take that kind of abuse without flinching.

I have seen a Catalina 27 suddenly develop a hull deck joint problem that would sink you if it happened offshore.

So while I really do like the Catalina 27, I certainly do not rrecommend them as long range cruisers. They were very cleaver designs that have helped a lot of people get into our sport. They really offer a lot of usuable space in a boat that is still fun to sail. In many ways, if there was a "Good Boat Hall of Fame" the Cat. 27 would be a very obvious early inductee. BUT that does not make it my choice for offshore work.


rbh1515 03-29-2001 04:05 AM

A boat to avoid?????? Catalina 27
I think that the gist of the preceding discussion was to avoid this particular Cat 27, not all Cat 27''s. I agree with Jeff though, that I would definately not take a Cat. 27 on an ocean voyage. Is that what you were planning??? Rob ~~~~_/)~~~~

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