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Jaywalker 12-28-2009 06:54 PM

Texas Gulf Coast
We're in the market for a boat and a base for the Texas Gulf Coast. We thought we'd pick a base and then later take advice as to the best kind of boat for our needs. So, within 50 miles or so of Corpus Christi, what are some good places to moor or slip? (Though I'm not looking for boat advice just yet, for planning purposes we'll be looking for something around 30 feet.)

We'd like someplace within reasonable range that allows some good sight-seeing, as well as someplace that we can week-end anchor, if possible, and nature watch.

We grew up in Texas and are now back with time to do things we couldn't when working and raising children. We live in San Antonio, about 160 miles from Corpus, so we'll be able to get there fairly frequently, we won't be there all day, every day.


mdbee 12-28-2009 08:42 PM

You might do a search for my previous post about Rockport.

Depends too if you are a bay sailor or Gulf.

Hmm, I guess "that" post was over at 'trailer sailor' site. Gets confusing sometimes.

We have never been south of Port Aransas but enjoy Aransas Bay sailing.

Several nice marinas, some county owned (about 195.00 mo) one private one (Sandollar) at 125.00 and a very nice upscale one. (Key Alegro $?)

RainDog 12-28-2009 09:15 PM

I have only visited marinas in that area (still in Seabrook until I finish my refit), but near Corpus your choices seem to be:

- Corpus municipal: This marina seems to be very active, have great facilities, and very good rates. Other pros seem to be active community and good racing opportunities. Cons are it is a long way to the Gulf and it is very Urban.
- Ingleside: Very inexpensive marina. Halfway between Corpus and Port A. Very spartan facilities. Main attraction seems to be the low price of slip fees.
- Port A: Great gulf access. Island Moorings seems to have great facilities IMHO being in Port A is as good as the Gulf gets. Prices here seem high for the Corpus area, but not too outrageous. Some people will tell you that Island Moorings has access problems (shallow channel) but this information seems to be out of date. Apparently the old owners ran it into the ground, but the new owners are much better.
- Rockport: I could be wrong on this, but Rockport seems to be far from good sailing waters. Very nice town with some great marinas, but I do not see the advantage to keeping a boat there if you live in Corpus. However these marinas all seem to have waiting lists, so maybe I am missing something.
- Aransas Pass: there does not seem to be much for sailboats here.

Jaywalker 12-28-2009 11:09 PM

Thanks - nice breakdowns. We live in San Antonio, so any of those places could be reasonable as any other.

RainDog, what is "good sailing water" near the Gulf? Remember, I'm a newbie, pending boat.

irwin325cc 12-28-2009 11:33 PM

I'm in the Clear Lake area also but did look at boats in the Corpus/Rockport/Port A areas and if I was to have bought there and if I do make the move there (found a great job here) I would have first chose C C Municipal cause your within walk'in distance of all downtown with bars, restaurants, and shops. If not there it would have been Port A city marina some of the same reasons and for easy access to Gulf sailing.

Sorry I don't have any direct CC info but I do know there are a some members that are from that area that will check in with you in time.

Good luck.


RainDog 12-29-2009 08:44 AM


Originally Posted by Jaywalker (Post 554974)
RainDog, what is "good sailing water" near the Gulf? Remember, I'm a newbie, pending boat.

I currently sail Galveston Bay and have not sailed Corpus Area much yet, but other people on this forum have very good things to say about sailing Corpus Christi Bay. I imagine that is where you will want to do most of your sailing. Another option is the Gulf. It is a bit far from Corpus for a day sail, but much closer to Port A.

johnshasteen 12-29-2009 12:59 PM

We've been sailing the Texas Gulf coast for 40-years and are familiar with most of the major sailing areas. The Corpus municipal marina is okay, but the docks are very public, which to me says - no privacy when your're in the cockpit drinking wine and less security that some of the private marinas. There is also a big city marina at Port Aransas - excellent facilities, fuel dock and pump out station, but the same issues with Corpus municipal - too much through-put traffic - both car and foot, it's also quite expensive.
We looked at all the marinas when we moved Paloma to the Corpus area. We berth Paloma at Bahia Marina in Ingleside on the Bay, just off the ship channel with easy access to both Corpus bay and the Gulf. They have a ships store, nice covered pavilions, more private and secure, two sets of shower rooms, swimming pool, free internet and lots of activities throughout the year. We pay $193 for a 30-foot slip with water, separate electricity runs under $10 a month.
You can google Bahia Marina Ingleside, I think their website is down today, but should be back up shortly.

dustdevil38 12-29-2009 03:57 PM

CC Municipal Marina
I've keep a boat on G Dock at the CC marina for a year. I am on the Shore Line drive end and agree that its not very private. However, I've never had cause to be concerned about security- my dockmates are very good about keeping the gate closed. The docks on this end float, which is a big advantage with any kind of storm surge (about 3' with IKE). The showers are first rate and are kept clean. The marina employees are always polite and very helpful.

Prior to CC, I kept the boat at Cove Harbor in Rockport. I liked the folks there and really like Rockport better than CC, but the harbor has an industrial dock and my slip shoaled up from the barge traffic. Also, some of the slips have no facilities (no bathrooms).

CC may still have the deal where new slip renters get 4 months free for paying a year in advance.

Hope this helps

MeckDC 12-29-2009 04:28 PM

We are currently in Port Aransas at the Island Moorings Marina. I would highly recommend this marina. It's 25 minutes to Corpus and takes us about 45 minutes to get into the gulf. There is a pool, hot tub, bath houses, laundry, ship store, free WIFI, gated floating docks, water is included in the slip fee however electric is not. The people here are great and there are several live aboards, including us. They are a very social group. We can sail into either Corpus Christi Bay or Aransas Bay in about 1 hour although we prefer the gulf. The rates are very reasonable. Here is a link to their website. Island Moorings Yacht Club and Marina Port Aransas Texas

Good Luck.

Jaywalker 12-30-2009 08:57 AM

Thanks, all. We'll be taking the tour of some marinas (and brokers, probably), in January. Your comments will give me some context.

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