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octopuswithafez 01-14-2010 02:39 PM

1986 Catalina 22' : Swing keel
Hello all,

The wife and I have been shopping for boats for awhile and have been looking at smaller boats as a way to learn and I am just curious what opinions folks had on the '86 Catalina 22. I understand it was a new design from the older ones. We would be in Puget Sound and Lake Washington and we do have two little ones, so our trips aren't going to be long at first. We're also not racing but rather cruising around. We found a boat, that we're looking at this weekend, which seems to be priced well and has a new outboard and has touches such as a CDI furler and newer sails.

So its roughly around $5500, which according to NADA is in line and that's not counting the motor...

saildork 01-15-2010 08:14 PM

Octopus, Welcome to the net. You'll find this site to be a deep well of expert advise from many great sailors. I sail a 1983 C22 and it's a great little boat. If the one you are looking at is in good shape, has been well cared for, etc., $5500 would be a reasonable price. You can probably even get it for less, given the nature of the used boat market these days. :D

Does the boat come with a trailer? What is the age/condition of the rigging (standing and running)? Any leaks above and below? Any soft spots on deck? Beware of any deck fittings or port lights that have globs of sealant around the edges... could mean leaking. These things may give you leverage for a lower price. The condition of the keel, keel-cable, keel pivot-pin and hanger assembly can also influence the value of the boat.

I've sailed mine with little ones aboard, dogs, girlscouts, etc. It's a great platform for the family on day sails, and even one or two overnights (although it can get kind of tight after a couple days).

If this boat isn't really cherry, look around some more. There are lots of other similar boats out there, and literally thousands of C22s. Good luck and welcome to the net. :)

Waltthesalt 01-15-2010 11:41 PM

I agree the Catalina 22 is probably the most produced and by now refined design you can find. I also expect there's a strong class organiation in the Seattle area. It's perfect for Lake Washington and the lower Sound. It's not a big water boat and it's best to respect that. I wouldn't take it up into the Straits or in the northern sound when it's blowing. The great thing about a trailer sailer is that you can drive it to interestng spots like Willipa Bay, warm water lakes etc etc. With the board up you'll get into waters that you'll have to yourself.
You'll need a reliable outboard. Even in good weather you'll have the tide.

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