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Polypterus 03-12-2010 05:38 PM

Ok Next boat....
Well…for any of you following this….My wooden custom 39' S&S deal fell though. I actually made an offer and after two days got the fuzzy answer "the buyer will consider your offer, but doesn't want to be nickeled and dimed". I was at a complete loss to where the nickel and dime thing came from, however given a couple other dubious things that happened with the broker I decided I didn't want to deal with him.

I then inquired about the raider 35 that Bubb2 kindly posted the link for. It turns out the pictures on yachtworld were way old. The broker then sent me up to date pictures and there was a water line in the cabin. It was pretty obvious that the boat previously had standing water in it for some time; long enough to stain the cabinetry and fiberglass pretty extensively. So I passed on that one.

In any case I'm on to looking at the next prospect which is a 1971 Swan 37. She looks OK from the pictures (as do most yachts). The only obvious thing I can see wrong with her is the headliner seems have come loose a bit over one quarter birth. I'm going to check her out tomorrow. I'm assuming that other than any age related issues that the surveyor will hopefully find, that a Swan's a fairly safe bet. However I've learned not to assume anything where boats are concerned. It seems I typically will get the exactly opposite answer to the same question from what appear to be similarly experienced sailors.

1) Any general comments on Swan 37s? How they sail? Durability? etc?

2) Are there any possible problem areas that I should check out when I look at her?

Thanks again.

Faster 03-12-2010 06:40 PM

I checked out a Swan of similar vintage for a friend a year or so ago. The asking was $100K or close to it.

This poor boat was really a mess. The topsides gelcoat was incredibly crazed P&S, apparently almost through to the laminate. More disconcerting was the fact that the chainplate knees (visible in YW pics) had "pulled" to the point that the deck was visibly deformed (a high spot at the shrouds) with a corresponding dimple/hollow in the topsides, both sides.
To the owner's credit there was documentation and a mail chain in the ships papers, but the repairs had failed again.

This was clearly a no-go, esp at that price. It was disappointing because I was kind of stoked about checking out an old classic.

I'm sure that this was not typical of these boats, in general I'm sure they are better looked-after than this one, but it's something to watch for.

mgiguere 03-12-2010 09:01 PM

If you like Swan's and S&S designed boats, you might want to check out Chris Craft Sailboats....also S&S from the 60's...designed after Intrepid. I've had one for 25 years..great boat. We have a web site at chriscraftsail : Chris Craft Sailboats. A nice one for sail can be seen at: 1967 Chris Craft Apache sailboat for sale in Virginia

Good Luck.


Polypterus 03-15-2010 10:01 PM

Well I think I'm going to make a survey contingent offer on the Swan. Overall it looks to be in pretty good shape. At 89K it seems overpriced thought so I will offer accordingly. It's missing a lot of equipment to make it a cruiser. It doesn't even have and anchor. It has a bow roller but no chain locker doors or even a hole in the deck for a rode. It must have been built as a race boat or something. I guess I could just have a windless put in it. At least there wouldn't be any extra holes in the deck to plug up.

The other strange thing is someone put two huge self tailing winches on the rear of the cabin top near the cockpit. They are FAR bigger than the jib winches and wouldn't even come close to fitting on the gib winch pedestals. I don't see any lines leading back so I'm not sure why they are there. Anyone have an idea? The broker had no clue either. My inclination would be to get rid of them and have normal sized winches put in and then have all the lines lead back.

Finally the births are a bit small. They are long enough but my shoulders are pretty wide and I don't really fit that well. I think the easiest fix for that is to just scrap the pilot births and expand the lower ones a bit. I don't need eight births anyway. Guess I'll just have to see how this all progresses.

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