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ref_123 03-12-2003 07:59 AM

Columbia vs C&C
Hi, dear All,

I need your advice. On a short list of options I have a handsome 1980 C&C 32 with a reasonable list of equipment and a 1977 Columbia 32 with an outstanding list of upgrades and renovations.

Prices are similar. But while C&C is priced right around a median price for the vintage, Columbia''s price is way above it''s vintage due to all the work that the owner put in her (and he did a truly OUTSTANDING job).

My issue is that while on a short term Columbia definitely looks much better, on a longer term it may be not so: let''s face it, C&C holds value better than Columbia... I plan to have this boat for 5 years or more.

So, dear All, please voice an opinion (that will be greatly appreciated). What is better: to buy a boat that is great now and worry about re-sale when the time comes or buy a boat that is good now and will probably stay that way for 5 years or so?


Jeff_H 03-12-2003 03:13 PM

Columbia vs C&C
That is an easy question from my perspective. I have always thought that the C&C 32 seemed like a well rounded design that was nicely detailed and quite well constructed. The 32 foot Columbia 9.6 was a wierd duck with strange sailing manners. This was a period when Columbia was floundering. They had spent a fortune in tooling up a whole line idiosyncratic designs that were not well recieved. This was a time of high interest rates and inflation and Columbia seemed to cut a lot of corners to be able to sell these boats at a reasonable price. The 9.6 that I knew had really poor workmanship in a lot of places.

There are some boats that no matter what you do to them they will never be good boats. In my book the 9.6 is one of those.


ref_123 03-12-2003 07:31 PM

Columbia vs C&C
Thanks, Jeff. The Columbia in question is not 9.6, it is her predecessor - a rather rare boat, true 32 (9.6 being actually 31.5). But I got the picture. Thank you very much!

Maine Sail 03-13-2003 08:34 AM

Columbia vs C&C
Go with the C&C!!!!

dandebruin 03-13-2003 12:25 PM

Columbia vs C&C
I looked at both C&C''s and Columbia''s in my search. My two cents, I bought the C&C. Everyone I talked to said you could sail a Columbia and they had pretty nice interiors for their size but the C&C would get there a lot quicker in a wider range of winds and be more fun to sail. The interiors were pretty traditional but well done. Love my boat, but then those with Columbias probably love their boats too.

RobGallagher 03-18-2003 07:24 AM

Columbia vs C&C
I had a similar choice... Columbia 32 or C&C 30 mk1. Colimbia was a bit newer and bigger. C&C was a few years older, but well kept.

Surveror said not to even bother surveying the columbia if my other choice was a C&C. His reasons where quality of build and sailing ability of the C&C. I remember him saying something like..."the columbia is not a bad boat, but...

Finally I asked him "if it was your son looking at boats what would you tell him?"
He said "oh no doubt, go with the C&C survey first".

Best of luck,

hamiam 03-18-2003 01:04 PM

Columbia vs C&C
as the former owner of a C&C 30 I would recommend C&C''s without hesitation.

bcavileer 03-18-2003 05:19 PM

Columbia vs C&C
Very happy with the build quality on my C&C Landfall 38. Older boat but with upgrades and TLC shows like new.
Sails great, is fast and comfortable.
Looked at a lot of boats before the C&C.
You''ll be hard pressed to find more boat for the money.
Good Luck!

sherbet 03-19-2003 09:30 AM

Columbia vs C&C

Glad you are happy with your Landfall 38! I too am looking at purchasing an older one. I''m wondering if you looked at any Morgan 382''s in your search and if so, how did they compare? Also considering a Tartan 37, an Ericson 380 or an Endeavour 37 (looking for shoal draft).

ref_123 03-20-2003 01:01 PM

Columbia vs C&C

I want to thank everybody for sharing your knowledge and experience. Wish me luck with surveys :).


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