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mazzy 11-06-2010 06:53 PM

Moving on up
My boys, after five years with my 25'Seaward, want to go on more long range adventures now. They're 15 & 17. We sail western LI Sound from Manhasset to Norwalk, and want to be able to venture to Block Island, Marthas Vineyard/Nantucket, maybe up to Maine. Overnights on the hook and/or marina stays. 1-2 week trips (or longer) not out of the question.
As I often sail alone for evening jaunts, I'd like to keep the max LOA at 30'.

Been thinking about, in alphabetical order:
Bristol 29.2
Cape Dory Intrepid 9m
Hunter 30 (early 80's)
Sabre 30 (a MkI or II, Mk IIIs are out of budget, which is <$25K)

I value traditional topsides with opening ports (my Seaward has 8) and a modern underbody, wiith a skeg protecting the rudder. I want to be able to make some headway in less than 10kt breezes.

Opinions and insights? Other boats for my Yachtworld searches?


Sabreman 11-06-2010 07:03 PM

The Cape Dory, while a nice boat has a somewhat dated design and certainly does not have a modern underbody. This will not be a fast boat. By Brother-in-law has had two (Typhoon & CD25D) and they begin to have some issues with crazing of the gelcoat and cockpit delamination after so many years.

Hunters from the 80's are pretty good boats; a friend and his wife cruised 2 years on a 37.

The Sabre 30 is a very nice boat; I've had 2 Sabres (28 & 38) and can write volumes on construction, etc. While it has a more modern underbody than a Cape Dory, it's not what I would call "2000's modern". This boat does not have a protected rudder but to be honest, I'm not sure that you need it given your requirements. On this boat, the keel is deeper than the rudder so your keel will impact anything before the rudder. Sabre's quality is excellent and you can't go wrong with one. It's good in light air and very sea-kindly. PM me if you'd like more details.

Faster 11-06-2010 07:13 PM

A C&C 30 would fit the bill too, or a harder-to-find Ontario 28. I'm assuming you're not interested in a Catalina 30 - probably the roomiest of the bunch in that budget/size range?
A few more...

Ericson 30+; Express 30 (Canadian by Steve Killing);S2 9.2A or near sister Sunstar 31;Aloha 28 (Brewer); Islander 30; mid 80s C&C 29 MkII; Most of these under budget leaving some room for goodies...

Happy hunting!

mazzy 11-06-2010 07:30 PM

The Intrepid 9M is a fin-keel.
The Sabre 28 is also under consideration, but I don't want to be wishing for 2' more in a couple of seasons. I'm sure my crew size will be changing as the older one goes off to college etc. so a 28 could work...

Faster, I don't dislike Catalinas, they're kind of on the list. Looking for something a little more distinctive. A C30 tall rig would be nice in the light airs we get and I could go newer with a C30 and still be in budget. Going to check out the C&C and Ontario though. Thanks for the ideas.

Now I know why the Admiral likes to shop!

Sabreman 11-06-2010 09:19 PM


The Intrepid 9M is a fin-keel.
You are right!. The web site that I looked at had a watermark in th e background that had a full keel. I humbly stand corrected.

Looking at the sales brochure, the boat reminds me of my Sabre 28. With that said, I agree that the Sabre 28 may not be a large enough for your needs or worth the efffort of searching purchasing etc. Go for the 30. I know of one in VA that may go cheaply; no one has been on it in years. I hate to see it sit there.

HDChopper 11-06-2010 09:25 PM

Good luck mazzy , it's your turn !

I am with you in that at least Skeg hung rudders seem to be the way to go for me...

baboon 11-07-2010 11:12 AM

Another boat for your list is a Tartan 30. Fin keel, skeg hung rudder, sturdy and pretty good motion in the water, important if the family is anchored out for a few days at a time. It would be tight inside with 2 teenagers, but is a great 2 person boat for the future, and not hard to single hand with a few updates to sail handling equipment. Has up to 4 opening ports. A tall rig was sold that would help with your sailing abilities in low wind.

olson34 11-07-2010 11:44 AM

More choice= more confusion...
I would second the idea of looking into a Tartan 30 (or the Yankee 30, FWIW).
If you are interested in adding another solid and fast boat or two into the mix, a couple of well constructed and fast 30 footers would be the Ericson 30+ and the Olson 911S, the later built by either original builder Pacific Boats or later ones by Ericson.
Another classic with a nice easy motion at sea is the Cal 34-3. The Mk 2 has the same hull, but I like the interior in the Mk3 a lot better.


mazzy 11-07-2010 01:42 PM

Great ideas, thanks! Tartan 30 tall rig sounds like an interesting option, as well as Ericson Olson. The Cal 34 may be too much boat for my confidence level in soloing.
There's a sad Sabre 30 on the hard in Long Island that I did a walkaround and she's more project than I'd go near, especially with a project sitting in the garage for close to a decade. How bad's the one in VA, Saberman?

Sabreman 11-07-2010 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by mazzy (Post 663906)
How bad's the one in VA, Saberman?

Probably about the same as the one that you saw. She's on the hard and 3 years ago the cockpit drains were clogged, so there's a foot of water in the cockpit. I peeked down below and there was water on the cabin floor; the bilge had overflowed. The running rigging is shot and the cushions are probably all moldy.

You should have no problem finding a good used Sabre 30. The ones that I saw in a quick scan are a bit more than the $25k that you set, but you should be able to get something nice at about $30k.

This one looks clean: 1981 Sabre 30 Sail Boat For Sale -

This one looks like it's had several inches of water inside (and selling for 1/2 what it should): 1981 Sabre 30 Sail Boat For Sale -

This one doesn't show well: 1986 Sabre 30 Sail Boat For Sale -

Why do people leave so much junk and dirt on their boat and then post the pictures in the ad?

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