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VoyagerHarmer 11-24-2010 12:19 PM

Boat has no title - also shipping across country
My father lives in CA and I live in Missouri. He has a 70's Lido-14 that he wants to give to us. It is trailered, but the tires are flat, and he has no title. I'm not sure how to begin - my dad is really concerned about not having a title - he just wants to chop it up & discard it (which we don't want to happen!) Part 2 of my question would be -how to have the boat shipped to us on the trailer (by truck/etc.)? Thank you so much for any advice out there!

tommays 11-24-2010 12:31 PM

Its not likely the boat ever had one as in NY they did not have boat titles until 1987 and even then above 14' and you still dont even do the DMV on small sailboats without motors

I cant see the boat having enough value to ship it that far

sailingdog 11-24-2010 12:35 PM

It could be shipped pretty easily with the mast down. As for not having a title, that isn't necessarily a problem for a 14' sailboat that has no engine. Most small dinghies don't even need to be be registered, since they are engineless, but YMMV. You will probably need a title for the trailer, or at least a bill of sale or letter stating that he owns it and is giving the boat and trailer to you. That would probably allow you to register and title the trailer.

You might consider contacting some of the bigger moving companies, which might have space on a truck going from California to Missouri. If they can get it reasonably close you, and you've done the paperwork to register the trailer, you would be able to pick it up and trailer it home pretty easily. Most mid-size cars would be able to handle a Lido 14 on a trailer.

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