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whwilson 02-03-2001 08:59 AM

1966 Pearson Coaster
Please help me make a decision. I''m looking at an old Pearson (1966) Coaster. It''s clean but showing it''s age a little but appears solid. Motor (owner claims this) just developed a problem with the starter. Otherwise, boat is ok. Two questions: One is he''s asking $7,500, is this fair? He is desperate to sell (laid off work and behind in obligations)so he would probably take even less (my guess is $6000). My second question is can a tiller boat be outfitted with a wheel? I don''t like tillers and prefer a wheel. I''m thinking of offering him $5,000 cash without a survey and maybe inching up to $6,000. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I''m buying the name here as I believe the Pearson line in this year was very well made. Am I being a fool or is this smart. Gee! Wish my IQ was higher...
Bill Wilson

mattfarrell 02-03-2001 02:41 PM

1966 Pearson Coaster
Hey Bill,
look at to get a rough idea or retail rates. Pearson is a good name, particularly older ones. I would also look at Cal''s from that era. Do NOT offer anything without a survey. No matter how long you have been around boats, you easily could miss something. Get a surveyor. Have him go all over the deck with a moisture meter. If it is delaminating, he will tell you to walk away. Also, it will be inexpensive to insure, but every company will require a survey anyhow. Good luck. I would offer him the 5K cash with a survey, and you may likely get it.

whwilson 02-04-2001 01:02 AM

1966 Pearson Coaster
Like they say, "If you snooze, you lose..." The boat sold for full price yesterday with no survey. I think I missed a good deal even at the asking price. BUCNET said it was worth twice what it sold for. Bummer! I''ll keep looking and I thin that eventually, I''ll get there but for now, call me Pearson-less.

Keeslers 07-31-2009 07:37 PM

1966 Pearson Coaster
I am interested in your thread about the 1966 Pearson Coaster. My husband's health has not been good and although my husband loves this boat, information about a realistic selling price would be helpful. Our boat was originally a MORC racing boat out of St. Joseph, MI. I believe its name was ESCAPADE but a later owner named it ESCAPE. We purchased it in 1975 with all the sails needed for racing and cruising. It has always been stored inside. I would like my husband to sell this boat as it has been difficult for him to use the boat. I think it is one of his best friends and, of course, it has provided so many fond memories for us. It is currently housed at NORTH MUSKEGON, MI. Any wisdom concerning a realistic price for our boat would be most helpful. As the other gentleman said, the older Pearson's were built very solidly. They are slower, but for a cruiser, they handle very well in following seas. The low prices you discussed would be hard to handle. It is interesting that BUCNET said it worth twice that. Twice what??? $5,000., $6,000 or $7,500. Selling a Pearson like the COASTER is like abandoning a favorite pet. Shirley

Jaxson1969 11-04-2009 07:51 AM

I purchased an 1967 Pearson 37' Motor Yacht in Niceville Fl. in late July. The seller informed me that the ONLY thing wrong with the motors was the starters. The original asking price was $7500. I was wondering if this was the same Pearson you were speaking of?

I have done alot of work to this craft and I can assure you that the starters where the least of the issues. I have how ever been living on her since the middle of August. I'm in the process of working on the wireing and getting more and more items to work each day.

If this is the vessel your refering to let me know, I'm almost at the point that I will need another project since I have both motors running.

OOPS I just noticed the previous threds were from guess this isn't the same boat.

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