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PopeyeRideau 06-28-2011 11:56 AM

Blue water cruiser with bridge clearance of less than 44 feet
I now have a weekend cruiser (a Tanzer 26), and I hope to finally soon be able to buy a bigger boat, for eventual voyages south, after a year or two of using it as a weekend cruiser. I like the Tayana 37, Alberg 37 and Niagara 35, all attractive bluewater-capable boats with appealing interors.

My problems is I live in Ottawa, and there is a 50-foot bridge in my cruising grounds, and a 44-foot bridge between here and Montreal, where I like to sail from time to time.

So, any ideas? I am thinking that a ketch-rigged boat may be the way to go, but even then boats in this size range tend to be too tall.

bobperry 06-28-2011 12:09 PM

You are going to need a boat with an I dim around 38'
38' plus 6' for height abv th3 DWL gives you 44'
That means you are going to be looking at some short rigged boats in the 37' range where most boats would have an I dim closer to 10' more than that.

Maybe something in the 32' range.
I'd rather have a smaller boat with a good sized rig than a bigger boat with an anemic rig.

jerryrlitton 06-28-2011 01:41 PM

Think a ketch rigged boat may have more clearance.

EscapadeCaliber40LRC 06-28-2011 01:56 PM

Fly down to the Caribbean and buy your next boat there and leave it there while not using it.

deniseO30 06-28-2011 05:10 PM

[IMG]<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/IMG]

mitiempo 06-28-2011 10:46 PM

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And if you don`t check the clearance height it can ruin your whole day...

bjung 06-29-2011 07:36 AM

A PSC 31 might fit the bill. Mastheight including antenna of less than 43ft. The interior is completely open and feels larger than it is.
And it will certainly qualify as a capable, solid blue water cruiser.
Light wind performance might be considered somewhat sluggish, but she will not dissappoint in heavy weather.

PopeyeRideau 06-29-2011 05:09 PM

Good tips!
I'm impressed by the boat balls. If I used a trick like that for the Montreal bridge I could go to 50-foot-tall boat.

Any 34- 35-foot bluewater-capable ketches come to mind?

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