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goforit 07-26-2003 01:16 PM

registration of US purchase by Canadian
I plan to purchase a boat in Florida but I am a Canadian - any help as to how I am to register the purchase??? What is the advantage of registation offshore? thanks

dblatnik 08-10-2003 02:53 PM

registration of US purchase by Canadian
If the boat is documented by the US Coast Guard, I would say you should contact them. Do a web search on US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center. They have an 800 number and they were the most helpful people I ever dealt with in government.

Registering a boat off-shore has tax advantages if you are buying a mega-yacht. Otherwise I would guess there is headache involved.

If the boat is not documented but the title is a Florida State title, I would still check on documentation requirements. You really need Federal Documentation to go to the Bahamas, etc.

GordMay 08-11-2003 12:38 AM

registration of US purchase by Canadian
Where do you intend to "keep" or "cruise" the boat.
If the boat stays in Florida, you will have to pay FL. tax, and can register it there. This will NOT preclude you from cruising the Bahamas etc. Many vessels have a "flag of convenience", which has nothing to do with owner''s nationality.
As previously noted, the more expensive the boat, the more motivation to reduce or avoid sales taxes.
If you intend to bring the boat back to Canada, you can avoid the U.S. State taxes, and pay the HIGHER Canadian Provincial/GST taxes, and register it in Canada. I think (?) you have up to 30 days to get the boat out of U.S. waters (to avoid tax).
Going the other way, I "imported" my Canadian boat into the U.S. for a very modest fee. She was still "Registered" in Canada, but was legal to sell in U.S. (purchaser must register & pay State tax).

goforit 08-25-2003 04:19 AM

registration of US purchase by Canadian
thanks for the info I plan to cruise into the Bahamas possibly further into the Caribbean. As a Canadian can I legally register a boat in the US? and not Canada.

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