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turbulicity 06-30-2011 02:30 PM

Say hello to me dinghy
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I just got a sailing dinghy handed to me. I borrow my slip neighbor's laser for a sail with my 4 year old son the other day. It wasn't the most comfortable and my son got a little scared of the whole thing :(

The same neighbor found me a sailing dinghy the day after. Picture of it next to the mother ship is attached below. It has a label saying Clark Boat Co. I believe it is a 10' dinghy with a 18' aluminum mast. The mast is foil shaped and has a slot for a bolt-rope kind sail. It has a head stay and two shrouds angling back slightly. No boom, loose footed. No jib, only main. The boat is in very good shape, apart from lots of dirt, old lines, dirty sail etc... Just years of non-use. Hull is fiberglass, no cracks, repairs, patches.

I told my son that it was his boat. He got super excited but he is still afraid to go sail with me. I could only got him to sit in the boat so far. I go out sailing myself almost everyday. A lot of fun, awesome for learning and hopefully a family activity in the near future.

Tim R. 06-30-2011 03:05 PM

Probably built by the same Clark family that built San Juans. They started out making small dinghys in the 60s.

turbulicity 06-30-2011 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by treilley (Post 745883)
Probably built by the same Clark family that built San Juans. They started out making small dinghys in the 60s.

So I read on the net but I couldn't find any mention of a dinghy like this. I believe they mostly built racing dinghies.

blt2ski 06-30-2011 05:59 PM

They built C-larks which is a 14' fiberglass version of an International 14, that never quite made it to the big leagues speed wise, but VERY populare 1d class for many years. IIRC they built some fiberglass tbirds too. I was in my teens and before, so do not know what other boats they built in the 10' range etc.

not sure if you found this, but here is the general story in pd from the SJ21 assoc. I think it may have been linked first on an SJ28 group, but do not quote me. I see they did some other dighys too excert below

The Clarks had moved to the Seattle area from Toledo, Ohio in the early 1960’s to start
a fiberglass boat building business. While Coral worked as a nurse supervisor, Bob set
about making the Clark Boat Company into a viable business. The three sons, Don,
Dave and Dennis, were busy attending school, but found time to help out whenever they
could. The first boat with the “Manufactured by Clark Boat Company” label affixed to it
was a Lightning, and it was one of the first fiberglass lightnings on the market. They
also built OK dinghies, 505’s and Clark Star class boats took first and second in the
World’s in 1970.


turbulicity 06-30-2011 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by blt2ski (Post 745941)
They also built OK dinghies

Yep, I read that article. Thanks. I guess I have one of them OK dinghies. Anyway, it is a sweet little ride. As the 50 footer I have is my first boat, this is a perfect supplement to my learning. Sailing a dinghy in the SF bay area is not very forgiving at all. It also helps with the cravings when I can't go out with the big boat. It is a little tippy but I am getting used to it. I am debating weather I should fit a boom for it.

blt2ski 06-30-2011 06:25 PM

I looked up in a book I have an OK dinghy, the pic of the OK dinghy looks more like a laser, and it is 14' long. maybe there are two "OK Dinghys"

It might take some more digging before I say you have an OK dinghy base on what I see downstairs in tat 1600 page book on ALL kinds of boats published about 74-76 or so IIRC.

maybe a google of OK dingy will net a better pic or specs?


turbulicity 06-30-2011 07:06 PM

I totally misunderstood the OK dinghy there, as in okay. From a little googling, my dinghy is definitely not the OK design, you are right. I don't believe it is for any class design. Judging by the boomless, loose foot main, it wasn't intended for racing at all. Can't really do a good beam reach although it points relatively well. Downwind problematic too since main will rub on the aft angled shrouds. Seems like it was intended as a multi-purpose, rowing/sailing thing. I may be able fit a small outboard too but the stern has some overhang and hence not much buoyancy.

blt2ski 06-30-2011 07:10 PM

I did a google of the OK dinghy, turned out to be like the picture in my book. But with the ability to be home made in plywood, ala laser style in design. SO, as you say, NOT your dinghy design. It may take some more digging to figure out which design it is.


hornet28 10-23-2011 02:16 AM

Hi Turbulicity,

My name is Webster, I am up here in Olympia, WA. I was just given this same Clark dingy and can't find any info. I only have the hull so I need to build a rudder, centerboard, mast, rigging etc. It is hard to see how the mast is riged from the one picture. It would be a HUGE help if you could send me close up pictures and measurements of these missing parts. It is exciting that you are having fun sailing it. I have a San Jaun 28 built by the the Clarks so I was excited to get a Clark Dingy too. I have a couple of little boys that I want them to learn on the dingy too. Thank you very much for your help. My e-mail is


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