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Jeffamc 08-23-2003 11:27 PM

Crossing ocean
I really have know idea what to look for, could someone help me out?
Well i would like to sail across the pacific to islands in south-east asia.
there will be 4 other people with me
i have $43,000 saved up now.
I was just wondering what size, type, of sailboat i should look into getting for this. I hope to do this in a couple years. What would i need about a 40 footer?
But what about a safe boat for sailing across the pacific, i dont want anything thats dog slow, but i want to be safe. thanks-Adam

Jeff_H 08-24-2003 04:56 AM

Crossing ocean
This seems to be the topic of the week. I would look at some of the previous discussions on boats for 5 people in the past few weeks. For 5 adults, you need a boat that minimally displaces around 22,000 lbs with something closer to 30,000 lbs being more ideal. If you want this boat to be reasonably fast then you are looking for a boat that is sloop rigged with a working sail plan (i.e. based on SA with a 100% jib and not with a genoa) of roughly 900 to 1000 square feet (or cutter rigged with 1100 s.f to 1200 s.f in its working sail plan) and a waterline length somewhere above 38 feet. This will probably be a boat around 45 feet. You can get by with smaller boat of course but it comes at the price of speed or the ability to carry adequate supplies or both.

Sailing across the Pacific is roughly the equiveilent of 6 to 10 normal years of sailing for a coastal cruiser so you are looking for a boat that was well constructed to begin with and well maintained and upgraded over its lifespan.

Which brings us to your budget. I know of nothing under $100,000 that even begins to meet your goals. Probably my best single suggestion would be to try to find an older Peterson 44 without teak decks that someone has upgraded and maintained. The Peterson 44''s have always stuck me as a very balanced design for your purposes.

There has been a lot of discussion on this lately so I would do a search.


Jeffamc 08-24-2003 12:15 PM

Crossing ocean
Well i did take a look at some other posts that are just about the same as that what i was asking. Mabey i shouldint take as many people, so that i will be able to find a boat that is smaller and more affordable.

Jeff_H 08-24-2003 02:34 PM

Crossing ocean
That would be my suggestion. If you went with two or three people, you should be able to find a reasonably fast boat somewhere near your budget. I went through a similar search for a boat for two people close to your budget and ended up with a Farr 11.6 (Farr 38) which are more common on the US west coast.

Good luck,

Heruka 08-24-2003 05:29 PM

Crossing ocean
do a lot of reading on the internet. there''s a huge plethora of info out there on this subject. we plan on doing the coconut milk run in a couple of years, we had planned on going sooner, but lifes little problems have gotten in the way. next year it IS the Carribean though. we have a Tartan 30. but there''s only two of us. there''s a couple out there now doing this on a Yankee 30, but again, too small for so many people. you may want to look into a Tartan 37.
basically, a lot of different boats cross the south pacific ocean. you don''t need the latest or greatest boat.
there''s Gulfstars, Morgans etc... so many boats, so little time...

here''s a couple of places to start reading.

allyby 09-07-2003 06:46 PM

Crossing ocean
I am looking at a 1979 45 Foot Morgan/Starratt & Jenks Center Cockpit cruiser, does anyone know anything about these and how they compare to the Morgan 45 that was not only design by Charlie Morgan and built by Morgan? Here are the specifications I currently have knowledge of:

Builder: Starratt & Jenks
Designer: Charlie Morgan

LOA: 45''8"
LWL: 38''
Beam: 11''
Displacement: 25000

Manufacture: Volvo
HP: 34
Model: MD3B
Hours: 1200
Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel: 110
Water: 90

Ballast: 12000
Draft 6 feet 1 inch

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Byron Schaeffer

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