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mgarbaus 08-30-2003 07:09 PM

Advice for first boat
I am just starting to sail and looking for a good first boat. I have been talking to people that I know to try and get some opinions and thought that I would now open it up to a larger forum.

My next door neighbor is a boat captain who races sail boats and has given me a few suggestions. He thought that a Pearson or O''Day would be a good starter boat but since I have always used motorboats he suggested I might enjoy a J24 better.

The boat has to be big enough for three people but small enough to handle with just one person. A engine is also a necessity because of the area where our house is.

I realize that this is a little vague but I would appreciate any feedback that you might have.

jbanta 08-30-2003 07:21 PM

Advice for first boat
All depends on how long you intend on staying in a smaller boat. If that is the path you wish to take rent a few and see how they fit...

mgarbaus 08-30-2003 07:32 PM

Advice for first boat
I failed to mention in the first method that I need to go with a boat under 30'' for a while until I can bring myself to get rid of one of my motorboats because of limited dock and mooring space.

I have rented an O''Day before but none of the others are available around here. The boat was ok but it was only a 17'' and didn''t quite have enough room.

mdougan 09-03-2003 12:14 PM

Advice for first boat

It might depend on what you plan to do with it, daysail vs overnight or over week trips. One boat I''ve just recently noticed out there is the Nor''sea 27. It looks sturdy enough that you could sail it around the world if you wanted to. There is also a version that has an aft cabin which would be great for small families. It''s a little more expensive than cheapo production boats, and if you just want something you can knock about in and then turnover in the not too distant future, it''s probably not the right boat, but if you want something that you might hang onto for a while, check it out. If I hadn''t already bought a Westsail 32, I might have considered one of these.

Sailormon6 09-03-2003 01:47 PM

Advice for first boat
It takes a crew of about 3 to sail a J-24 reasonably well. If you don''t have an experienced crew, then the J-24 doesn''t really perform much better than any other sailboat. If you can race it well, it''s fun.

A heavy boat with a full keel would not be my first choice for a starter. They are slow, not much fun, and difficult to maneuver. If you are making a long passage, they are usually safe but slow.

A Pearson or O''Day or Catalina or any of the many fin keeled coastal cruisers would be my recommendation. They are a compromise design, and are generally more fun and easier to sail and maneuver. You won''t have as much money invested in one, and when you decide on the type of boat that you want to buy for the long term, they will be easier to sell.

mgarbaus 09-03-2003 05:34 PM

Advice for first boat
I appreciate your input on what to get. I like the J24 but I want to be able to single hand it if necessary.

Does anyone know the approximate drafts for odays, pearsons, or catalinas. I have problems with drafts because my "deep water dock" is located in 14'' of water. Plenty of water for anything except the bad part is that there is incredible shoaling just outside the breakwaters for about a mile offshore. I need to keep the draft to under 5'' or I have to watch very carefully where I sail.

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