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JIO 10-02-2003 12:35 PM

GPS Chartplotter
I am in the market for a color GPS Chartplotter. I intend to mount outside, near the wheel, and am looking at units with screen sizes in the 5 inch to 7 inch range. Practical Sailor did a helpful review of these types of units a few months ago, which identified a few units that appear to meet my needs, such as the Garmin 182C, Standard Horizon 150/170, Simrad cp33 and Furino 1850W. One of the big decisions is what type of chart will be used. Most of the machines use either C Map or Navionics, while Garmin has its own proprietary Blue Charts. Some have told me that the Blue Chart is the best program on the market at this time, and for this reason, stay with the Garmin unit. One other thing I like about the Garmin is that it is the only unit in this size range that has a built in antenna (one less hole to drill in the boat...)I had seen a Navman unit at a local marine electronics store, and liked the unit, but Practical sailor slammed the unit as having the worst visibility in the bright sunshine. For this reason, I have eliminated this unit. If others have this unit and feel otherwise, please let me know.

Looking for thoughts on the units and the software choices listed above, positive or negative.

Thanks. Jon

RichardElliott 10-02-2003 04:24 PM

GPS Chartplotter
I am very happy with the Simrad CE33 which includes a depthsounder. The sunlight visibility is excellent and the C Map charts are very good, scrolling with you as you travel.

slipacre 10-03-2003 01:19 PM

GPS Chartplotter
Am most happy with Garmin 182C use paper too but it sure helps finding your way into unfamiliar anchorages. Have paper charts in cockpit to give me the Big picture as acreen is a bit small for that.
got a good price at
Charts are good though not cheap and coverage of areas doesn''t always connect like it ought to. Had Cheasepeake and New York charts but lost map for cape may til Atlantic city. It seems to be pretty waterproof take it in when there is much rain and I am not underway.
Todd V

Bluesmoods 10-04-2003 01:40 PM

GPS Chartplotter
The Garmin 182C is a great unit. The Raymarine Raychart 435 is maybe even a bit better and has a d=faster redraw rate. and it operates the new Navionics Gold Chart which is better than Blue. The Standsard 150 and 170 use C-Map which is just terrific. The Syandard Horizon 170 does some pretty fancy things with the DSC function on the Standard VHF is hooked up to it. Read about it one their web.

I think the 182C and the Raychart 435 are both $855 at

All of the above units are very good and you will be happy with any one of them. It is a matter of day to day operation.. (How many buttons do youhave to push to manage specific tasks), daylight view (not a problem with any of these)

Have fun with it.. shop around, go to West and play with them a bit.. see how they feel to you.

Don''t buy based on opiions here ( except the units that are very cumbersome or you can''t see during the day). See which feels right to you.

ddebruin 10-06-2003 06:34 AM

GPS Chartplotter
I also have the Garmin 182C. I looked and mostly made my decision on Practical Sailors review, not sure what issue. It has the things I want without being too cumbersome. I have mine mounted on a swing out bracket. I like being able to leave it hooked up and so did not want to mount it on my pedestal. Have fun looking. I have paper charts too but almost always use the chartplotter for the day to day cruising. The Blue Charts have been good for me. I also like that I can take it out of the boat if I want, download the street maps and use it for trips in the car, another added benefit.

Dan DeBruin

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