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maxcontax 10-03-2003 06:50 AM

Beneteau 345
I have an opportunity to take part ownership in an original 1984 B-345, to be used for coastal cruising. It has the original Volvo diesel, and while it appears to have been maintained by the owner, it has not been upgraded--except with electronics. I would welcome your collective thoughts on this boat.

sailingfool 10-03-2003 09:24 AM

Beneteau 345
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Yikes. To get some general feedback, you might define your expectations for the boat, how you want to use it and what you wany it to be, otherwise expect at best "not as good as some, but better than many''.

For real meat, I''d say share the key survey results on the Beneteau email list, and see what owners have to say. Additionally you should scan the Beneteau archives - assuming that list has been active, whatever is worth knowing about the boat has pabably been discussed by owners.

(My personal Beneteau experience: good performance, good construction, too many berths all too small, steel keel is an annual pain unless someone has properly epoxied it.)

Good luck.

maxcontax 10-04-2003 06:01 PM

Beneteau 345
Fair comment.

I have perused the Beneteau sites, was seeking wider opinion--seems it has an iron keel, points well, built well, had blister problems, and steers with a tiller. The wiring is Euro, the diesel a Volvo (love''em, hate''em).

The search so far suggests a competent but bland sailboat with a tendency to pound reaching in a seaway.

can anyone confirm/deny?

Jeff_H 10-05-2003 06:50 AM

Beneteau 345
I assume that you mean the Beneteau First 345. I have always been very partial to that model. They have a very nice layout for a boat this size. They sail well in a wide range of conditions but are especially good upwind. The deep keel versions were generally lead keels and not iron (at least those that were raced around here).

The 345''s with the traveler in the cockpit have an excellent cockpit layout. I raced one of these in the early 1990''s and they work well as racers or cruisers. (I would avoid one with a cabin top mounted traveler on this model even more than on other boats)

They have a light helm when trimmed properly and the tiller is a wonderful way to go, expecially if you will be sailing shorthanded.

They have held their value extremely well, (clean and well maintained examples typically selling for more than their price new nearly 20 years later). They have very good tankage for a boat this size and from my experience sailing on them they seemed to be quite well constructed and hold up very well. Some of the French hardware was less than ideal, but workable. These boats are at thier best in 10 knots of wind or more but were good boats for thier day in light air and surprisingly good sailing boats when snugged down in a blow. They are a bit rolly downwind and lack the break away speed when power reaching that you would expect on a more modern design. This is a wonderful sized boat. Big enough to be comfortable and so almost anything and small enough to be handy to sail short-handed or alone.

As a point of comparison, in that same relative price range a friend of mine has a Contessa 33 for sail which rates pretty similarly but was a little better built boat. This is a particularly clean boat. I sailed on this particular boat for something like 7 or 8 years in row and it is a wonderful boat. As far as I know it is not listed on the web but the owner is asking $42,500 and can be reached at 410 867 3379. Tell Bill that Jeff sent you.


tsenator 10-05-2003 08:06 AM

Beneteau 345
From what I''ve heard its a nice sailing boat, I think Practical Sailor did a reveiw of this boat. Go here.

If you want to pay a couple of $ you can get a copy from them.

Also Here are a couple of personal reviews I found!OpenDocument!OpenDocument

maxcontax 10-06-2003 07:06 AM

Beneteau 345
Thanks all, sea trials on Oct 24 if the weather holds--guess I''ll be able to write my own critique after that! The boat is equipped with radar, chartplotter gps, triple reef main and lazyjacks, three headsails including a Yankee, so is set up for leaving town. Around its club the boat is widely adored as a sailing machine.

Your opinions and leads most helpful

maxcontax 10-30-2003 10:35 AM

Beneteau 345
Update on this thread: We were able to sea-trial this boat in 14 knot breezes. With a reef in and partial jib it reached at 6 knots (the boat is fast). Wiring and batteries is eccentric in layout but not without logic. Volvo 28 hp rawwater cooled engine ran well. Headroom is about 5''10". Cabin layout is excellent. No shower, no hotwater source. Decks are clear and easy to move around on, which is good because all 3 reefs go in at the base of mast and not from the cockpit. Small dodger and bridgedeck requires a technique to go below, but OK. The best part of all on this boat was the tiller steering and the traveller right in front of the helmsman--once on course, you can instantly tweak to keep your momentum. I think I just bought another boat.

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