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Bluesmoods 12-01-2003 07:17 PM

C&C 121/ Tartan 4100
I am looking at purchasing a new C&C 121 or a Tartan 4100. I have been imnpressed with both of these boats and am aware of the performance variable between C&C and Tartan. I am looing for owner input..

Any owners of either of these two yachts have input for me?

Jeff_H 12-02-2003 02:47 AM

C&C 121/ Tartan 4100
I guess that I would have to ask, "What do you plan to do with these boats and where do you plan to sail them?"


doubleplay 12-05-2003 06:58 AM

C&C 121/ Tartan 4100
My question would be:
Why limit yourself with these two boats?
you can also look at Dehler 41 and Grand Soleil 40 as alternatives.
Personally I found Tartan''s very overprized and I don''t like the cockpit layout and sail handling plan of the C&C 121...
Good Luck

Irwin32 12-06-2003 05:11 PM

C&C 121/ Tartan 4100
Tartens are one of the best built production boats one can buy. See Practical Sailor. Are you going offshore? Tartans are built to do just that.

Bluesmoods 12-11-2003 11:40 PM

C&C 121/ Tartan 4100
Thanks for your posts. I apologize for the delay.

I will be crusing up and down the midatlantic region of the US offshore.

The Tartan 4100 seems like a real nice boat. Do you rally think they are over priced?

The C&C 121 also seems like a very capable boat with a higher performance orientation.

I have not heard much about either one of these two rather "new" boat lines. I understand that Fairport yachts has only been producing them for about 5 years or so. We are trying to obtain more information from owners or those who are somewhat knowledgable.


sailingfool 12-12-2003 04:38 AM

C&C 121/ Tartan 4100
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Try the Tartan and C&C email lists.

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