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biggles72 04-27-2012 12:39 AM

Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
Hi all, these 3 boats are my shortlisted favorites for my first yacht purchase around $100,000 USD that I can get in Asia. And they have all been favorites (I wish i could afford a Baba 40. )
  • Baba 35 - asking $90,000
  • Tayana 37 - asking $120,000
  • Hans Christian 38 - asking $110,000
Hypothetically speaking which is the best buy?
Assume all are in the similar condition. Which one would win top yacht.

Some things that interest me.
  • Value for money given the asking price
  • Resale value.
  • Popularity (also for resale)
  • Which would be fastest ( i know they are all slow)
  • Maintenance upkeep. (I know they all have lots of teak)
  • Sailing performance, comfort at sea, motion etc
  • overall design, ease of use
  • And last but not least and probably the most contentious....which has the most beauty

I will post the links of the 3 yachts below ( i hope this is not against forum rules) and would appreciate your view on which one YOU would buy given the price and why? Pros cons.
Thanks from a newby

Tayana 37 - LEE MARINE - Largest list of pre-owned boats for sale in Asia

Baba 35 -

Hans Christian 38T - Hans Christian 38T Traditional

Rockter 04-27-2012 03:25 AM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
Those prices seem aggressive to me. Stateside they seem cheaper.

I like that class of boat . I Own a Union Polaris 36 and still like it, now 20 years on.

I'd like to have looked at the Hans Christian details, but there is no way I will log on to a foreign website just to see it.

I would avoid a ship with a pilot house like that though. I would be wary of it tolerating a big wave impact.

They are not slow ships if the wind is blowing. In light airs they are not fast, but if the wind is right there is nothing slow about them.

Be wary of teak decks though. They leak. I have been living with deck leaks for 20 years. Also check the tanks too. Tiawanese ships had a dreadful reputation for poor tankage and i speak from bitter personal experience.

What about welding stainless steel tanks with steel welding rods? Sound silly to you? Not in Tioawan. It would have been unreal to me, until I saw it with my own eyes on my own ship. A catastrophic error and unbelievably difficult to recover from that one.

Be careful. Fill the tanks to the brim and watch the bilge for days until you are sure they are not leaking. If they leak at all, run!

biggles72 04-27-2012 04:15 AM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
Thanks for the reply. You right about the price, but i do not have the option to shop in North America where the prices are good.

The Tayana has sold so I am now down to comparing the Baba35 and the Hans Christian 38T.

A quick comparison on Yachtworld shows these vessels are not the cheapest ones for sale but also not the most expensive. Seems to priced about right.
The Average Hans Christian 38T is priced 80-130 and the average is about 120,000.

Of the Baba 35's on the Market the average price is 90,000. The one I am looking at seems to have a fair amount of equipment. The Baba 35 sounds like it has new stainless tanks (15 gallon baffled professionally produced stainless steel fuel tank with large inspection port. 80 gallons fresh water in two baffled stainless steel tanks with large inspection ports.)

The Hans Christian 38T is 3 feet longer than the Baba 35 so I guess I would be getting a little more boat for the money.... Any more advice or input welcome.

sneuman 04-27-2012 07:50 AM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
I own a Tayana 37, so take this with a grain of salt. The Baba is probably a better constructed boat, but she's also heavier for her size. Same goes for the HC, I believe. Realize the T37 is out of the picture now, but I would say she's the best sailor of the three (and caveat: I have not actually sailed on the Baba). For build quality, I would have gone for the Baba, but she has the lowest SA/D of the three, therefore probably not the best sailor. The Tayana 37 is well built, but there are some issues that you should be aware of -- moot point now that she's out of the running. Between your two choices, if the $20K is not an issue, I'd go with the HC though.

snider 04-28-2012 09:50 AM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
Sail Calculator Pro v3.53 - 2500+ boats

This website has a good comparison chart. Just scroll down and choose the two boats you want to compare. I think the Hans Christian would be the better sailor, although I'm not sure if the staysail is used in the SA/D calculation, so the numbers can be deceiving. They are both great boats, if you find a few to look at it may come down to their condition. Find one that's the best outfitted for what you want and has the newer sails, rigging and tank upgrades. I'm jealous, I wish it were a decision I had to make ;-)

kwaltersmi 04-30-2012 09:49 AM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
I haven't sailed any of those, so I'll refrain from giving my aesthetically-based opinion. But I do hope to someday be presented with such an appealing dilema as deciding between a Baba 35, HC38t and a Tayana 37!

EricktheRed 04-23-2013 09:56 AM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
I have just been comparing the HC38 and T37 myself. With both companies still in business you really can't go wrong either way for resale value.
When you look at numbers built HC38 167 (including 30 Telstar Keel versions), T37 588 Baba 35 75.

Around 1983 the T37 comes in MKII version with an aft stateroom instead of a quarter berth. Also at some point Ta Yang relocated forward in the fore peak the fuel tank, a full tank weighing 700 pounds so far forward resulted in trim problems and hobby-horsing.

The variations on the HC38 are as mysterious as the sea itself.

Baba35 variations have interior layout options in key areas. In the forepeak was either a v-berth or a double, while in the saloon there were either straight settees with a drop-leaf table or a L-shaped settee on one side wrapping around the table. Further aft to starboard the option was either a sea-going quarter berth or a generously sized hanging locker. The mild steel fuel tanks have proven susceptible to corrosion mounted in the bilge.

HC38 Theoretical hull speed: 7.7 knots, T37 Theoretical hull speed: 7.46 knots, Baba35 Theoretical hull speed: 7.3 knots

TQA 04-23-2013 12:04 PM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
All three are 'leaky teakies' and are overpriced IMHO.

All three are getting to that age where deck replacement and tank replacements are due both are really expensive jobs.

I would have liked the HC the most I think.

bobperry 04-23-2013 12:48 PM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
Disregard TQA's stupid generality.

The Baba 35, aka Flying Dutchman 35, is by far the better built boat of the three. It sails about the same as the Tayana 37. But it's shorter so off the wind the TY 37 may be a hair faster. Not sure about the HC. Not too keen on some of their construction details though. I can't speak to how the HC sails but obviosly I have more faith in my own designs.

The hull forms of the Baba 35 and the TY 37 are very similar.

I would say from a value perspective the Baba 35 is the best boat on your list.

MikeOReilly 04-23-2013 01:06 PM

Re: Baba 35 vs Tayana 37 vs Hans Christian 38
I know this does not answer your question, but you might want to add the Rafiki-37 to your potential list. They tend to list slightly lower than the others on your list, but in my unbiased opinion, fit well within your group.

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