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miatapaul 06-20-2012 06:22 PM

Cavalier Peterson 36?
Thinking about taking a look at a Cavalier Peterson 36 that came on the market this spring. I know there were not too many of them made. Looks like it would be a good fast cruiser. I want to liveaboard, but I think there should be plenty of room. I have not found any shots of the interior, but from what I have read, it has a teak interior, even though at the time it was more of a racer than a cruiser. The other problem I have is how would you value a boat like that? there are so few that there is not much record of sales. The only independent review I have read is from Cavalier 36 Review : Looks good.


Under sail, she is stiff and fast on all points of sail with her forte on downwind runs though performance on a reach is also excellent. For all its racing pedigree the boat serves well in the cruising domain for those who are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for a whole lot of performance. We know of at least two boats that have circumnavigated. Overall an uncomplicated, strong, and easy to handle boat. In total twenty boats have been produced.
Is anyone familiar with the boat? Hoping some of our friends from Australia and New Zealand might pipe in. The big issue I see is that the hulls seem to be cored, not a problem as long as there is no water intrusion, but a big one if there was.

My goals, to liveaboard for next few years on the Hudson River/east coast, and then do some long distance cruising, with Hawaii/Pacific a long term goal. Just me full time, with 2 teenagers spending a few weekends a month with me.

sow1ld 07-16-2013 06:36 AM

Re: Cavalier Peterson 36?
Hi there Hayden from Wellington. I own a cav36 &my parents use to own one also. There where about 30of them built & I rate them highly. Thy're really well built and I have never heard of any of them having issuess with being balsa core. As with all grp boats they did suffer from osmosis but almost all of them have peeled or cured and vinylesterd (prevents) osmosis.
I cruise mine in summer and race in winter both fully crewed and also 2handed. Around the short courses thyre quite a powerful boat to pilot and do require you to work but on longer legs coastal and offshore thy're a doodle and really enjoyable to sail with effortless daily miles.
After 6, 000nm offshore & coastal our worst days run was 135nm (motoring) & 192nm best. Expect daily averages of 160 to 175nm
Despite what blue water boats say they truely are at their best upwind. In the light with a no1 you'll sail away from most 36footers and as it gets breezier that lead should get bigger. We have yet to be beaten by the hanse37 around the cans.
However dont expect to hold on to a jboat or a carbon planning boat downwind in 25knots. The cav36 will plane but it needs to be poked with a big stick to do so.
Overall its a boat that will surprise many people with its speed offshore, ability to point to the sky upwind and ease to cruise with the family (we have a 10week old & a four year old)
Hope this helps!

miatapaul 07-16-2013 07:34 AM

Re: Cavalier Peterson 36?
Thanks for the info, the boat sold, but not to me. Funny I was willing to offer more than they accepted. Such is life.The one I was looking at was quite rough though. But it made it to the US! Guess it was in Florida for a while, then made it to New York.

Be sure to stop by and tell us about your boating adventures.

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