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kc_cmc 01-12-2004 04:52 PM

Purchase Agreement Examples?
After 22 years of sailing, I am just about to try and purchase my first boat. Can anyone e-mail examples of purchase agreements used (deleting names or other specifics if necessary)? I need to create a whole agreement, but specific clauses applicable to older boats (19 years), currently on the hard in a boatyard shed (everything cannot be fully surveyed), or laws in New England states (sitting in RI, but I live in MA) would be especially interesting. Also, anything you were particularly glad you had in your agreement, or later wished that you had included, might save me from a "rookie" mistake.

Thank you in advance for the help! My e-mail address is

Jeff_H 01-13-2004 06:49 PM

Purchase Agreement Examples?
I sent you one this morning check your email.


gulls 01-14-2004 03:41 AM

Purchase Agreement Examples?
If I am buying a boat from a broker, would it be a good idea to find anothe broker to represent me, would they do that for another broker''s boat??
Is this where the purchase agreement comes in??
I would love a copy if you could e-mail me one -

Jeff_H 01-14-2004 03:58 AM

Purchase Agreement Examples?
Brokers affiliated with the Broker assocation use a standard form of brokerage agreement. If the boat or the deal is complicated it is helpful to have a a broker who you know and trust on your side. Some States require this. The problem comes in how you saw the boat. If you were shown the boat by the listing broker, then you are obligated to not co-broking the deal. If you have yet to see the boat, then it might be appropriate to have the broker that you are working with, assuming that this is not the listing broker, show you the boat. I am a strong proponent of working with on broker to find a boat rather than making direct contact with a lot of brokers. I will send you a copy of my sample sales contract but it is a very simple one as these things go.


SailorMitch 01-14-2004 06:47 AM

Purchase Agreement Examples?

The other day I also emailed you a standard sales contract. They are simple, but you can change them as you see fit -- as long as the seller agrees of course.

The broker you are dealing with is representing the seller. In this case, I''d recommend getting your own broker who will represent YOU. The two brokers can split the fee.

kc_cmc 01-16-2004 10:07 PM

Purchase Agreement Examples?
Thanks very much to those of you who sent sample agreements. I used those and the facts of the specific situation originally outlined, combined with the YBA "standard" agreement, to write by own. I have now submitted my offer, so we''ll see how it works out. If it works out well, and anyone cares, I would be happy to share the agreement used.

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