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winslow59 02-19-2004 12:34 PM

Schock Santana questions
I''m a little confused. . . not unusual.

There appears to exist sailboat models known as the Santana 35 and Schock 35. I think they were built by the same yard(?). To confuse matters (at least for me) sellers sometimes list their boats as Schock Santana 35.

Will someone fimiliar with the Schock boats provide some clarification? How do the Santana 35 & Schock 35 differ? Please comment on the sailing characteristics of the boats. How do these boats rate in quality of construction?

What about the Santana 37 and the Schock 34 (again, there appear to be two 34ft designs - one more cruising oriented, the other more of a racer)?

e-27 sailor 02-19-2004 03:51 PM

Schock Santana questions
W.D. Schock is a So. California manufacture that has produced a long line of 1D sailboats since 1946, including Santanas & Schocks. They''ve produced some ledgions on the left coast.

The Santana 35 was produced in the late 70''s, has a shorter waterline, is a little beamer, lighter and has a smaller sail area, than the Schock 35, which went into production in ''87.

As far a specs & performance go, the Shock 35 is more closely matched to the J/35.

While I''ve crewed on the Santana 35, I can''t speak to construction quality, although when you rack & stack them against similar boats, they are priced about $10k below others.

Jeff_H 02-19-2004 05:24 PM

Schock Santana questions
This is not that hard. Schock is the boat building company. They built several lines of boats; Schock, Santana and Wavelength to name a few in much the same way that Pearson built Ensigns, Tritons and Vanguards or Beneteau builds Oceanis, Idylle and Firsts. Santanas were generally the more hardcore race boats. The original Snad Turner designed Santana 35 was an IOR influenced out and out race boat. You could rightly call these boats Schock Santana 35''s in much the same way that you can call a Vanguard a Pearson Vanguard. In its original form the Santana 35 was extremely light for its day, (8500 lbs) and lightly ballasted. They came with a fractional rig and a great racing cockpit. Ergonomically these were great boats to race. Build quality was something less than top notch. While they were not ideal offshore boats for a lot of reasons they have done well racing in windy venues and Francis Stokes raced one single-handed in the Ostar transatlantic race in the late 1970''s. The Santana 35 became a successful West Coast one design class.

The Schock 35 was an updated version of the Santana 35 which uses the same hull and a slightly altered deck mold. In much the same way as the J-35 was a masthead non-rule based version of the J-36, the Schock 35 had a little nicer interior, a masthead rig, a different internal structure and much more ballast and weight. Similar to the Santana 35 there is a separate active West Coast one design class for the Schock 35''s. The Schock 35 with its higher stability and larger sail plan is generally considered to be significantly faster than the Santana 35 but in many areas of the country the Santana 35 has an easier time sailing to its more generous PHRF rating.

The Schock 34 PC was intended to be a Performance Cruiser although I believe that there are also full race versions of this design. They are a later design than the Schock 35 and were intended to be more cruising oriented. They had a jazzier interior layout and a slightly better build quality than the 35''s. They were comparatively lightly ballasted for their heft and sail area. The Schock 34 PC''s were substanially slower than the Schock 35''s and slightly slower then the Sanatana 35''s.


Jeff_H 02-19-2004 05:31 PM

Schock Santana questions
Oh Yeah, the 37 is an older Gary Mull design. It is slower and more cruising oriented than the other three.


winslow59 02-19-2004 07:33 PM

Schock Santana questions
Thanks for the information and links. I think I have an idea of what I''m looking at now re Schock/Santana.

These boats are available on the west coast (NW) and appear to fit our basic requirements (34-38 footer, performance oriented, basic cruising accommodations, $50,000 budget). I do wish the comments had indicated "better than average construction." I suppose that''s why the asking prices are less than some other boats in the same basic category. Maybe we need to boost the budget.

Other suggestions?

Jeff_H 02-20-2004 03:19 AM

Schock Santana questions
My experience with Schocks of the era you are considering is that they were not all that well built. They clearly are not "better than average construction." I looked at several when I was looking to buy my current boat and my previous boat and found a range of basic fiberglass issues (including a transom that was separaring from the topsides). These boats have always had a reputation for being a little flimsey.

A couple boats that might suit your needs that are a little better built and which can be purchased in your price range:
Frers 36
F3 36
Farr 11.6 (Farr 38)
Farr 1104
Farr 1020
Soverel 39 (Tartan built)
Tripp 36

If you boost your budget, the Express 37 and Express 34 are super boats. Olsen built a well rounded 34 footer. J-boats built a couple nice performance cruisers J-34c and J-35c.


jkumin 02-20-2004 04:53 PM

Schock Santana questions
As usual agree with Jeff - and he offered a good list. I raced a Santana 35 in a Swiftsure race (Puget Sound)in the 80''s. It was a dog in the light stuff but a fun boat in a breeze. An acquaintance raced one for years on San Francisco Bay and recall him telling me about bulkheads coming adrift. The Schock 35 is faster all around and better screwed together.

paulk 02-20-2004 05:27 PM

Schock Santana questions
There seems to be a decent fleet of J/36''s in the Puget Sound area. We sail ours on Long Island Sound (right coast) and have found the price and performance are both great.

LMPi 05-23-2007 12:31 PM

Shock Santana questions
I bought a shock santana 21, and can't find a trailer to fit her. :( My adjustable won't adjust enough. I want to build a cradle and insert it in my existing trailer. But I can't find the hull dimensions anywhere on line. Can anyone help me with links or any other way to find out the dimensions I need (without taking her out of the water)?


sailingdog 05-23-2007 07:02 PM


You really shouldn't hijack a dead thread... since your question is basically unrelated, you'd be much better off starting your own thread.

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