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Fishboat 02-21-2004 05:47 AM

Surveyor suggestion in Lower Michigan...anyone?
Does anyone have a suggestion for a good surveyor in southern Michigan? The boat is around Saginaw Bay, but a surveyor anywhere in Southern Michigan is a start.

donlincoln 02-21-2004 04:46 PM

Surveyor suggestion in Lower Michigan...anyone?
A few years ago, I hired one out of Au Gres. I don''t remember his name, and the survey left with the boat, so I can''t tell you how to get a hold of him. Not sure I would recommend him anyway. I did find a list of accredited surveyors in Michigan, although none are in the Bay area:

Good luck.


Fishboat 02-22-2004 03:41 AM

Surveyor suggestion in Lower Michigan...anyone?

regarding Au Gres...does Ron Atwater ring a bell? He''s just a name I''ve located & happens to live in Au Gres.

I should have mentioned in my initial post that I''m familiar with the NAMS, SAMS, & USSA organizations & their locator lists. Even with a long list of names, without someone saying...."yah, he''s very good" it''s pretty much a shot in the dark. Even getting a sample survey from the guy, and the potential surveyors I''ve talked to typically will not give you one, doesn''t help that much. I suggested Greg Group in the other survey search post (Ohio). I''d hire him in a minute, but his travel time would kill me.

I''ve hired three surveyors over the years. I''ve learned that survey quality is highly variable. One was very average & probably not worth much more than what I can do...though his fee was surely right up there. The second one seemed to be OK, but the boat was in such good condition there wasn''t much to discuss. The third was excellent. He was an old gent from Norway originally. 76 years old and his work was all one could ask for. I''d hire him today, but he lives in New Foundland.

donlincoln 02-25-2004 03:46 PM

Surveyor suggestion in Lower Michigan...anyone?
I think that''s the guy. Sure sounds familiar. I had an old Coronado sailboat at the time that I was trying to get a new insurance carrier for, and they needed the survey. I was fairly confident in the boat, since I had been sailing it for several seasons by that time, so really all I needed was a pro''s John Hancock saying it was OK. He did good with the survey content, but his report was filled with typos and misspellings, and I wasn''t sure how the insurance company would feel about that. They gave me no problems, though. I also recall that he was very reasonable in price. You may want to just call & talk to him to see what he says (I''m thinking that since he''s in Au Gres, he has a good deal of knowledge of fishing & power boats). I don''t know what kind of boat you''re trying to get surveyed, I''m just making assumptions based upon your user ID.


Fishboat 02-26-2004 08:03 AM

Surveyor suggestion in Lower Michigan...anyone?

I''ll give him a buzz & see what he says. The boat is a sailboat...the handle is just something well worn. I suppose it is misleading on this board.


donlincoln 02-27-2004 03:44 PM

Surveyor suggestion in Lower Michigan...anyone?
Fishboat -

What boat are you looking at, and from what port? Just curious. Haven''t lived up there in years, and at times I miss those waters (it was back when there WERE waters to float a sailboat). I used to live in Bay City and I kept the boat in Hoyle''s in Linwood and later at the Au Gres Yacht Club. Always loved sailing to East Tawas, Harrisville, and Presque Isle up north.


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