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hillenme 10-11-2012 01:24 PM

1984 c&c 35-3
Looking at a 1984 C&C 35 mkiii for sale on Lake Michigan. Was wondering if anyone has any input on this boat in terms of surprises or maintenance issues to be aware of. I know any boat this age will probably have these problems, but I've seen a lot online about the Keel needing to be rebedded often; a very thin layer of glass on the keel; C&C "smile" - crack at seam of keel and hull. Apparently the long cabin windows like to develop leaks as well. Rob Ball himself suggested it's too tender for it's rig size...

I sail primarily on a '72 C&C 30 and love it. What is performance like on the 35-3. I'm looking for a nice racer/cruiser for use on Lake Michigan - no crossing oceans, but something that can handle a mac race/cruising across the lake and also be comfortable for just short handed day sailing with the girl.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated!

jackdale 10-11-2012 01:36 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
I used to use a C&C 35 as an instructional boat.

You mentioned the "smile" and the window leaks.

Other issues
- the primary winches seem to be at the wrong angle, they could benefit by being titled slightly outward. The sheet seems to bind at the base of the winch.
- the holding tank developed a leak at the top which only became apparent when on a starboard tack which allow a gap to open.
- the cabin top clutches could be a pain as they were hard to open.

It is not as tender as the C&C 29 of that era.

Aside from those great boat. Sailed well in light air. This one had hank-on sails :).

The strongest winds I had it out in were 35 knots, 3 foot waves. It handled quite well with 2 reefs and reefed down jib, moving at 7 knots.

It has been a while since I sailed it. Other things might come mind. It as my boat of choice n that fleet.

The accommodations will be great for 2.

chef2sail 10-11-2012 02:07 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
We have Haleakula an 83 35MKIII. As mentioned C&C smile, but the issue is no different than other C&C Catalinas. We have not had to rebed keel so "often " is not a true statement. The Windows will need resealing proabably. Check mast step also. Chainplates oversized and clearly visable. Check all thru hulls and intrusions into the deck core for proper bedding with moisture meter. Some people stay away from cored boats, but if properly maintained they actually have great degree of lifghtwieght strength and stiffness. Wiring may have to be upgraded to meet current ACBY standards. We are replacing cabin top clutches this year with Garhauers as the original Shaefer are a pain to use.

The 35 MKIII was the Jewel of their line back in the early 80s. It is very quick ( 127 phrf) and points extremely well 38-42 degrees. Jijb tracks up against the coach roof well inward of the side stays. They are stiff and carry speed from light air of 5 knotts to 25 knotts. We have the k.c model and no reefeing in steady winds is necessary until 22 knots and she like to be reefed headsail first. We carry a 150 May- September and a 135 in the heavier colder air months. The 35 is very responsive with the large skeg when tacking, can back up easily, and handles like a sports car steering compared to power steering feel of many similar sized production boats. It has the classic lines of boats of that era. They compare very favorably with the Sabre 36 and will outsail all the production boats of comprable and even 5 ft longer size on almost every point of sail. Great club racer/ There are fleets of the 35's on the Great Lakes where you are and tey hav a large owener following. Here on the East Coast there arent as many. They are true racer/ cruisers compared to the T37 which is a cruiser first,Yanmar 3GMF matched well for the boat and cruises at 6.5 under 2700 rpm. Double spreader rig with high aspect main and she will carry 728 sq ft sail area. Huge anchor locker for windlass , washdown pump, and great extra storage. Rod ringing adds to stiffness and mine carries a spinaker halyard and extra jib halyard along with the two regular. Oversized 42 2 speed self tailing winches for the jib. 4 Seperate s/t winches on the coach top for main sheet, centerboard, jib/ spinakker halyards, and main halyard.

They are also very comfortable coastal cruising. We take ours 1500 miles every summer out of the Chesapeake to the LI Sound and New England. They are kind in the seaway and handle 30 knotts and 6-8 seas very comfortably. The accomadations are very good for a couple. V berth is spaciaous with over 8-9 ft lengths and wide. Salon is set up nicely. Largest nav station with integrated storage table and drawers on any boat their size. Good storage for a boat its size. Tankage is 80 ( we have a capapacity of 120 with 2 additional bladders when cruising) water, 24 holding, and a small 20 for fuel. 3GMF gets 3/4 gallon / hr at 2700 average. Engine acess challanging but has three points ( under steps-front, in lazarette ( side as well as tranny and stuffing box, and under the sink. Boat has h/w heater, pressurized water as well as foot pumps for sea and fresh water ( helps save when cruising). Bilge of the k/c is very shallw and I would suggest getting dripless shaft.

C&C35MKIII has a warm teak interior vs the white plastic feel. The wood is high quality and the joinery work is superb. She is the best of both as hell and comfortable cruising. Doing the Mac will be no problem with this boat and she will finsih high up in the standings with the correct crew, I single hand her a lot of the time with all lines lead aft.

Can you tell I like our boat.


jsaronson 10-11-2012 03:52 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
I have a keel model. I concur with Dave. Rod rigging needs attention every decade according to mfg. feel free to pm me.

hillenme 10-11-2012 05:21 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
Thanks for the great info guys, much appreciated! chef2sail you mentioned it's cored. Is it balsa? Is it cored above and below the waterline? What about the deck? Has yours stayed dry over the years?

Ajax_MD 10-11-2012 05:35 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
I've been racing on one for almost 3 years. CB model. The term "swanky" comes to mind, as they're very nice inside.

I see that folks have mentioned the windows. That's the only real problem my skipper buddy has had. That's mainly because he works hard at maintenance in the off-season.

chef2sail 10-11-2012 05:56 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
Bubblehead...whats the name of it. Never heard my boat refered to as swanky ( I lkust have too many things hanging off it now- Radar Pole, Davitd, TC antannae, Radar.), but shes fast, Hows does your place in your races? Against what?

Mine is cored above and below the waterline not below. Every boat is different in terms of water/ moisture. Many boats are cored above the waterline. We have had absolutely no water or moisture intrude in the core or wettness at all. You have to take the correct precautions when putting thru hulls in or deck equipment. After drilling/ boring your hole you ferret out the basla ( end grain in C&C) in the space between the two gelcoat layers. I go back 1/2 inch around the whole diamater. Then you fill that with fiberglass/ epoxy. If you get a ding down to you core you follow the same procedure. I test the wetness with a moisture meter every couple months especially around thru hulls and anything that has bedding ( Hatches , nicrovent, clutches etc.


hillenme 10-15-2012 12:20 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
Thanks guys. Finally got to see her on Friday - it is a beautiful boat. One owner, well mentained, everything appeared to be in as good condition as it possibly could be for the age. It was definitely dry below, but I was concerned about cracks on deck. I noticed cracking in the gel-coat everywhere on deck. I walked around the deck and applied some pressure in a lot of places and never felt any give. How concerning is this on boat this age? I was otherwise blown away by the condition of the boat - it was wonderfully maintained (professionaly, at large yacht yard in Chicago).

chef2sail 10-15-2012 12:35 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
You need to get a moisture meter and have it run over various areas of the boat. Especially the topsodes. Check carefully around the anchor locker and lid and the windows. Even oif there is some elevated levels it doesnt diqualify it, it may just need to be looked at.

We have gelcoat cracking at some of the areas the gelcoat was over 1" thick. It didnt flex there. The boat is also 30 years old. Glkad it was in good condition. Feel free to PM me once you get over 10 posts and one week, What are they asking for her. What type of equipment. Was it at Crowleys.


miatapaul 10-15-2012 12:57 PM

Re: 1984 c&c 35-3
I would be surprised to see a boat of that age without some crazing, but if you could post some photos those who know might be able to throw in there judgement as to if it is structural or cosmetic. Some boats seem to be worse than others even of the same model and brand, as it can be caused by thickness and curing of the gelcoat.

Was it "Slapshot?"

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