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cjmcfall 10-12-2012 01:23 PM

Morgan 33T
I work with a youth summer camp and we're looking at possibly using a Morgan 33T for day trips and short overnights on Lake Michigan. Does anybody have any experience with this type of boat? The good the bad or the ugly?

Don't worry, we won't do anything without a survey!

Thanks for the help!

ThirdCoast 10-15-2012 08:28 AM

I have a Morgan Out Island 33' and can assure you Morgan's are well built boats. They are cruisers and very stable. I don't believe you can go wrong with a Morgan, but be sure you get a thorough survey. These boats have not been made for a long time and although they are well built, their condition really depends on the previous owners and how well they have taken care of her. Good luck and fair sailing!

cjmcfall 10-15-2012 09:05 AM

Re: Morgan 33T
Thanks ThirdCoast. I am familiar with the Morgan 33 OI, but we're looking at a seemingly rare 1978 Morgan 33T, which is a IOR 3/4 tonner racer/cruiser. Here is a picture from the original brochure.

picture sharing[/IMG]

I like Morgans of this vintage, but I'm curious if these have any issues inherent to their design or build quality. For our purpose, I like the quickness and bunk space below.

cjmcfall 10-15-2012 09:11 AM

Re: Morgan 33T
Here is a better picture of the Morgan 33T.

upload picture[/IMG]

overbored 10-15-2012 11:06 AM

Re: Morgan 33T
a great boat, well laid out and good sailing boat. sailed one when they were new and then I remember thinking I would like to own one. morgan had built many boats before this one and their experience showed in this boat

emtguy82 01-02-2014 10:51 AM

Re: Morgan 33T
I know this is an old thread but there isn't much info out there for the 33T. I am planning on buying one and sailing it around the florida, the keys, Caribbean. Any buying tips, issues specific to the 33T, words of wisdom out there? I realize that the 33T has very spartan accommodations, but I don't think I will mind the simplicity. I also realize that a shoal draft boat would be better suited, but for the price the 33T is looking like my best option. Thanks!

sparrowe 01-02-2014 02:11 PM

Re: Morgan 33T
The 33T draws 5 - 1/2 feet (according to Before buying, I'd get my hands on NOAA charts for the Keys - especially the Bay side - and see where I could and couldn't sail with that much keel below me. There's a lot of thin water down there!

SloopJonB 01-02-2014 09:23 PM

Re: Morgan 33T
Just don't ask JeffH about them. ;)

trav365plus 01-04-2014 08:54 PM

Re: Morgan 33T
It's a beauty

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