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CheckedOutRob 11-09-2012 03:23 PM

Anyone sailed a Baba 40? Tayana 42?
Has anyone sailed a Baba 40 or Tayana 42? I will be putting my hard saved dollars into a boat for long distance long term (2-5 years) sailing across oceans. My concern with these boats is light wind performance which will undoubtedly account for a large portion of my time offshore. I just cannot fathom weeks of steaming to a destination. I will not be able to evaluate their relative performance myself -even after talking to several brokers. I'll only be able to sail on yachts I have an active open bid on. Don't want to take forever on this…

OK, I know they will not be stellar performers in 8 - 10 knots of wind. Really, these are 28,000 lb displacement boats before all my gear and provisioning (at least). I'd be happy as a bug -I think- in them in 25 knots+. I am a sailmaker in a previous life and and a racer but have done many thousands of cruising miles also.

So what hull speed should I expect in these in a close reach at say 10 knots? What would a Passport 40 speed be in the same situation?

I am really leaning towards the Kelly Peterson 44 for performance as it's no. 1 on my list but not sure if I can afford one in good enough shape even though I really prefer aft-cockpits, I would settle for a KP44 CC.

Lets suppose If I were to sail from Hawaii back to California and encountered a lot of headwinds, how many days behind something like a (Passport 40, Caliber40 etc.) would a Baba 40 be in days? Would it trail in 2 days later? Or 10 days?

I think Bob Perry's designs are just fantastic balances between comfort and speed with their relatively modern underbodys. Just not sure if I can afford one. Anyone know of a KP44 ready to go?

Would love to hear your evaluation of sailing a Baba 40 especially if you can reference it to some of the boats I've mentioned. Thanks in advance! :o

kd3pc 11-09-2012 04:05 PM

Re: Anyone sailed a Baba 40? Tayana 42?
there were a couple of each, baba and tayana at my old marina and they all sailed very you mention they are not racers. The one baba I sailed on did use double head sails in light winds and the captain was very capable.

Not sure of the speed, but down the bay and back there was no need to motor with 10 knots of wind.

well founded boat, well built, is for sale IIRC,
Olversons Lodge Creek Marina, Inc. (Lottsburg, VA)

the tayana next to my old slip is for sale as well, again a well done boat, this one needs some TLC
Olversons Lodge Creek Marina, Inc. (Lottsburg, VA)

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