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hrmacdonald2000 04-19-2004 03:51 AM

A Modest Budget Cruiser
I have researched several boats for coastal cruising and most recently the, O''day 34(1982-1984). The boat would be used primarily for coastal cruises around,Cape Breton,Nova Scotia.
I am looking for opinions on this boat, as well as other boats(30-34 ft range)that would make suitable cruisers for my wife and I (weekends & vacations). There''s a number of boats I would like to have but they are triple my modest budget of 30K (US).

Jeff_H 04-20-2004 03:58 AM

A Modest Budget Cruiser
Early 1980''s Odays (like Pearsons of this same era)are hard to classify. In many ways these were nice middle of the road boats. They do not offer especially good performance, build quality, or seaworthiness but they were inexpensive, and were better than many others in their price range built during that era. They were built in the day of the extensive option list and so hardware can vary widely in quantity and quality on these boats. They offered simple workable interior layouts with moderately good workmanship but without some of the niceties and closer fit found on better boats of that era. They were a little behind the curve when it came to engineering (which was taking a big step forward in terms of intenal framing systems during that era, a big step that Oday never took.) I have some exposure to a 30 of that era and to 28''s of that era. Deck core problems seem to be a little more common on Oday''s of that era than on some of thier peers, and this is also an era when blistering was very common.

I guess my only other concern with the Oday 34 for your application is that these were not all that robustly built boats and if I understand your prevailing sailing conditions you are sailing in some pretty heavy going much of the time. I would think that could take a real toll on a boat like the Oday.


maestro 04-20-2004 07:48 AM

A Modest Budget Cruiser
I believe that the 34 comes with a fin keel (not centerboard like some of the other models)with both a deep draft 5''7" (or 8") and a shoal draft 4''6" so performance is helped slightly, especially the deeper draft. They displace about 11,500lbs with close to 4700lbs. of ballast. Most O''Days came with a universal Diesel. of the 2 O''Days that I have owned (O''22 and O''28) the 22 had some deck delamination
(but I expected that in a 31 year old 22 ft.boat) My 82 O''28 is dry as ever. They are not built like Abrams Tanks that would be suitable for ocean crossing (although I know of 1 O''Day 27 that crossed the Atlantic...twice)BUT they are SOLID Coastal Cruisers that can handle a blow. They perform best on a broad reach but can handel going to windward in heavy seas.
O''Days were not built to be the fastest boats but to get you from place to place safely. There are better quality built boats BUT are alot of lesser quality built boats as well (IMHO)

The 34 has LOTS of room below. Heck, my 28 below feels like most 30 footers I''ve been on.

Electrical work is iffy on O''Day''s. Wireing was not at the top of the list when these boats were manufactured and probably could use an upgrading.

Although O''Day went out of business in 1989, they have a large and loyal owners group and parts are easily obtained.

Best of luck in your boat search!!!

BarryL 04-23-2004 11:59 AM

A Modest Budget Cruiser

There are many boats in the 30-34 range that would meet your needs. Catalina 30 (and 34), Ericson 30, S2 9.2, Newport 30, 33, etc., there are a lot of boats out there. With a budget of 30K you are not going to find many 34'' boats. If it''s just two of you I would look to 30'' and get a newer / better boat for the same price.

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