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Penceler 01-21-2011 06:30 PM

C&c 37+
Looking for comments and advice on the 37+

To give some perspective, I owned, casually raced and cruised a 34+ for several years. Any direct comparisons to the 34+ would be very helpful.

A few specific questions

How is performance with the centerboard vs. Wing
How roomy/comfortable is the cockpit
Is the companionway awkward
Is the aft cabin as nice as it looks in pictures

Any specific maintenance issues other than the cited hull?

Thanks in advance


Ourobsession 02-12-2012 08:30 PM

C&c 37+
Can't answer all your questions but we might be able to help with a few...

After years of shopping and looking at the 34+ vs the 37+ we made our decision, we bought the 37+!

How is performance with the centerboard vs. Wing?
We have no experience a centerboard but we can say that the wing keel version can still point like the other C&C's we have sailed. We were not at all disappointed with her performance, we are used to racing and she can out point the best of them.

How roomy/comfortable is the cockpit?
At first glance, what looks like short uncomfortable angles jn the cockpit compared to the 34+, is a misconception - we love the cockpit! So many areas to sit and chill, no mis-stepping here because all levels are designed perfectly. Companionway hatch/cockpit area is incredibly comfortable while cruising or racing

Is the companionway awkward?
Not really - the platform halfway down helps. Could be a problem for dogs entering cabin (stairs are long).

Is the aft cabin as nice as it looks in pictures?
Yes, yes, and yes! The ability to get up and not have to crawl out of the aft berth is huge!

Any specific maintenance issues other than the cited hull?
Chainplate/deck area is an area to watch on all decks. The hull is balsa cored, while ours has epoxy around all thru-hull fittings we had it surveyed with a flir camera to ensure the hull and deck was sound.

We loved the size of the 34+ (36'), but the 37+ (39'11") has so much more space, storage, etc.

Hope we helped. We love our 37+!

Faster 02-12-2012 09:37 PM

Good info, Obsession.. just a gentle heads up.. the original post is a year old and the poster has not been active here since. You can see the date on the top bar of the post.

No problem adding this information, someone else will probably appreciate it, but I wouldn't be expecting any thank-yous from Penceler!;)

BTW welcome to Sailnet!

Penceler 03-18-2012 08:26 AM

Re: C&c 37+
Don't be fooled by the post date! Thanks for some very good first hand comments. Looking at one this weekend.


Dog Ship 03-18-2012 09:16 AM

Re: C&c 37+
We were going to look at a 37+ but the admiral was a little put off by the moorage for a 40'+ slip at over $600 a month. The 37+ was in Vancouver but we never made it over to look at it as we found a C&C 32 locally in stellar shape.
We are still in a 40' slip but we do get a 35' slip April 1st, at $480 a month.
I really liked the aft-cabin and will seriously concider one with our next purchase.
Good luck boat shopping.

ScuzzMonkey 03-18-2012 03:55 PM

Re: C&c 37+
I also appreciated finding this thread lately, despite the age... seems like several of these have popped up on the market recently and it has been quite difficult to find much first-hand information on them (perhaps in part because many search engines have terrible hiccups with "&" and "+" signs... this boat was almost designed not to be found!).

If anyone does happen to get a chance to look at the one in Vancouver first-hand, and doesn't decide to buy it, I would love to hear a specific review. The earliest I can get up to look at that one wouldn't be until May. A broker we talked to down here in Seattle told us it was in "rough shape" but then, he's trying to sell one here in Seattle. It's got it's own problems... very sticky in-mast furling that will probably require a new mast and rig. The premium price on the on in Vancouver might be worth it if only to avoid the cost and trouble of buying a new stick.

As far as general build and layout go, we were pretty impressed. Nice interior, typical C&C quality in the deck gear and construction. There are a few others scattered around for sale also that we might look at if neither of these in our area pan out.

SloopJonB 03-18-2012 08:09 PM

Re: C&c 37+

Originally Posted by ScuzzMonkey (Post 847268)
It's got it's own problems... very sticky in-mast furling that will probably require a new mast and rig. The premium price on the on in Vancouver might be worth it if only to avoid the cost and trouble of buying a new stick.

Why would you need an entire new rig to cure sticky furling?

ScuzzMonkey 03-19-2012 04:20 PM

Re: C&c 37+
Two reasons, really, one objective and one subjective; objectively, because it seems to be a design issue rather than a maintenance issue. If they goofed on the install, it's going to take more than a shot of teflon spray and a new furling line to fix it.

Subjectively, if I'm buying a performance sailboat, I want the performance... even if the furler could be fixed up, at the end of the day I would have dropped a lot of coin fixing something that is still going to slow the boat down.

Obviously some folks won't care (someone chose to install it in the first place, after all) but I imagine most people looking carefully at C&Cs probably do.

Penceler 03-19-2012 05:41 PM

Re: C&c 37+
I wouldn't pass on the boat just because of the in-mast issues. At that age you will likely replace all the standing rigging anyway. You could opt for a traditional rig or spend the big bucks for in boom furling. At least then yhe new mast won't need to be painted! All of this assumes you have a reasonable seller of course.


ScuzzMonkey 03-19-2012 05:51 PM

Re: C&c 37+
We're still seriously looking at it. You're absolutely right about the standing rigging. The issue is really the cost of the mast itself. This boat is priced in line with the rest of the market right now; depending on how much a new stick costs, I might still come out ahead buying one of the other boats from out of state and having it shipped here.

That comes with its own set of problems, of course... which is why I am hoping to check out or otherwise get a line on the condition of the one up in Vancouver!

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