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mgb69 01-22-2013 11:04 AM

C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
Further to my earlier post about comparing boats - I'm looking at a couple local C&C 29's.
One is a 1983 Mark 2
The other is a 1979 Mark 1

The asking price is significantly lower for the Mk 1. I know much of that can likely be put back to the electronics, sails and general boat condition.

But, I've had a hard time findng much explanation of differences between the 2 boats. Any one sailed on both want to offer thoughts?
I did find a short comment that the Mk 1 is good in light air but poor in heavy air. And a comment that they are 'very different boats' (I'll likely buy access to practical sailor for the comparative review if I'm serious)
Lots of comments on the Mk 2 being a nice boat to sail and race, but not much about the Mk1.
I used the sailcalc and can see some subtle differences - but nothing that means anything sig to me.

I'd appreciate any thoughts. Esp on the Mk 1

Thanks in advance for the help.


Faster 01-22-2013 11:34 AM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
The MKII is a more modern design, probably a bit less tender than the MKI, and it has nicer tooling/ crisper look than the original. It's also probably the smaller of the two boats, at not much over 28'.

The MKI has a pretty decent rep too, though, despite that particular vintage (along with the late 70s 34) having the reputation of being a bit tender. They are also relatively early forays into cored hulls so that bears looking into.

So in the end you'll have to get on both, with luck sail both, to decide if the price premium of the MKII is worth what you might gain in amenities or 'newness'...

Sanduskysailor 01-22-2013 12:11 PM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
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Vastly different boats. For the record I have owned 2 29-2s. The 29-1 is a foot longer and heavier. The 29-1 has a bigger interior, nav station, slightly larger cockpit. Now the downside- likely an Atomic 4 rather than diesel engine. Hull has large flat section and narrow waterline which makes for reduced wetted surface. Great for light air but causes pounding in seas. Boat needs to be sailed flat to weather as you will be sailing on your beam ends if you heel too much which is slow.

The 29-2 was made between 1983 and 1986. Some were made in Rhode Island (hull numbers in the 600s). Boat is only 28'7". Hull is more U shaped than the 29-1. It doesn't pound and sails to weather with a bit more heel.Rig is pretty balanced between main and headsail. Boat depowers easily with backstay, vang and traveler. A better all round performer than the 29-1 especially downwind in a following sea. The 29-1 reaches faster due to it's longer waterline. 29-2s came with a yanmar 2GMF engine which is quite reliable and quiet.

Things to look out for on a 29-2. Leaky main cabin ports. If they haven't been replaced they will need it as the original adhesive has reached its useful life and is brittle. Cockpit sole. I had to replace the sole in both 29-2s I have owned. It might look o'k but lean on the pedestal. If the sole flexes you have plywood delamination in the wheel and rudder post areas. Pro fix is about $2500. Gelcoat cracks around the stanchions. Starting in 1985, C&C went to a different stanchion fitting which is through bolted through the toerail. Pre 85 are bolted through the deck which might have some cracks/delam. Check the holding tank. Design is prone to have cracks in the tank where fittings attach. New tank is special order $425 from OEM. The double pullout port berth in the main cabin is great. The V-berth is a little tight if you are over 6 feet and the starboard main salon berth a bit narrow.

The 29-2 is a solid all round performer for a 30 year old boat. The keel design and rudder are updates from the 29-1. If it is in good condition its a buy for a boat in this size range

Sanduskysailor 01-22-2013 12:23 PM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
The 29-2 does not have a cored hull. I'm pretty sure the 29-1 hull is solid glass also. The decks are a different story. I'm familiar with the 29-2. The cabin top area where the winches and sheet stoppers reside is solid glass along with the top of the coamings in the cockpit in the area of the primary and secondary winches. The deck is solid glass from the rail to 4" in all around the boat. The buyers surveyor I used could not find any delamination in the deck. He was amazed that there wasn't any in a 25 year old boat. He checked a second time. The transom is not cored. I had an 84 Canadian built boat and now have a 85 US built boat. There are subtle differences in the construction. For instance the 85 has reinforcement in the transom area. It is factory original. Not sure why but it makes it stiffer. The Cinkel wheel steering on both boats is robust. The parts are not interchangeable with Edson but shouldn't be a problem to replace. The chain used looks like it came off a Harley.

Faster 01-22-2013 12:34 PM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
Sandusky... I'm not certain enough to insist, but I believed the 29MKI and the 34 had cored hulls - my understanding is that they were 'sister designs' in the late 70s. We looked at several 34s a few years back and 'wet core' in the hulls was a common concern.

With all this debate of 'cored or not' amongst all the C&c designs it's odd there's no definitive answer available anywhere...

Sanduskysailor 01-22-2013 01:30 PM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
It was my understanding that all C&Cs 30 foot and under had solid glass hulls. I could be wrong. Interesting comments on the design at: C&C Photo Album under the tab for Hank Evans. Round up city. Yikes!

sailingfool 01-22-2013 01:41 PM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
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My advice, find a C&C 30 mark I which is a better design in all respects. there's a reason that model was produced from 1972 to 1983.

The 34 was the first cored hull, then the 36. I do not believe the 29-1 was cored but that memory cell has died...

mgb69 01-22-2013 02:42 PM

C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
Thanks for the insight. That's exactly the type of info I was looking for. I'll watch for the failure points.
If the condition is comparable then the Mk1 I'm looking at is a great deal at $8500. No photos so I'll have to go look.
The Mk2 looks to be in fairly good condition from photos - $22500. Not a bad price.

Living in Halifax we see a variety of conditions. A lot of sailing in 5-15k winds (wind speed avg 6-7k during summer months). Last summer I never actually tried reefing down my sails on my Mirage 24 - but I also stayed in the harbor.

I'll have to look at the boats closely. Make sure I'm not buying a make work project! The extra space would be huge for taking kids out overnight.

Any additional thoughts appreciated. Especially anyone with Mk 1 experience.


mgb69 01-22-2013 03:10 PM

C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
I see your point. But having looked at the 30' it has one less bunk.
With 4 kids the extra bunk in the 29 actually works better for me.
Plus also about availability and price. Nice 30' locally is listing for $36500. Even making a run down north eastern seaboard they are mostly over $18-20000 plus transport and taxes.

Don't want to buy a dog, but don't have the $ to buy a pearl either. If the boat doesn't look great I'll just stick with my M24 for another year or 2


FDR14127 01-25-2013 11:29 PM

Re: C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2
Well we sail a MkI out of Niagara on the Lake and over the years the 29's here about have sailed as a one design fleet. The MkII is a redesign of the C&C27 and carries a longer water line than the MkI and therefore should be faster. In reality of the 12 or so boats in the fleet it has been my experience that this is true only if you have a really good skipper. That being said, the MkI is an IOR design (an adaptation of C&C's winning half tonner), and as such she is a round bottom flyer. I never found her too tender but in fact carries more canvas than she should. This requires you to roll up the genny and reef early but I have sailed her in 30 knt breeze with no bad habits. She likes to be kept on her feet as she will drag the rudder like a barn door. When we raced her we had a rule that over 20 degrees we were slow, change down. C&C designed her for the Youngstown YC and they requested a club racer and family cruiser. So she is fast and comfortable and sails like a dingy. If I had a choice I would replace her with a 1985 33 or stay with what I have. But then I don't like dinette boats, (she is 11'8 wide however).

Downside, these are not cored hulls, deck yes but not hull. I have repaired the C&C smile once, and replaced the pillow block under the mast step twice, once before the YYC level regatta in 45 min flat. If you are not careful about water in the bilge, the stringers under the mast step supporting the pillow block have to be replaced since they are not glassed on the bottom. We installed a garboard plug and keep her dry over the winter and the season. I replaced the cabin windows with Beckson's but would opt for lexan inserts for the originals with new rubber if I had to do it again. MkII windows are real pain in the tush as is the case with most of the newer boats. My Atomic 4 is a joy, and I would only replace it with a Beta or Volkwagen, but I see no reason to do so. They say gasoline is dangerous on the boat but the MkII carries propane which is a hell of a lot more dangerous. I see alot of Yanmar grief here in C&C's home port, mostly because of owner lack of attention.

We don't race much anymore since the crew is off raising Jr Sailors or owners of J22's. But we have retrofitted it as a express cruiser with more electronics than a Russian Trawler, and like getting on the club cruise and arriving in time for cocktails. We did show up for the 30th aniv. at the Level regatta and took second by a hair behind a really well sailed MkII. Having made our point,people asked who invited us back for this party.

Contact me if you have any other specific questions.

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