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jack3344 04-15-2013 04:39 PM

What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
Hi All,
That's not a rhetorical questions. I want to buy a day sailing boat that's ok for the family but more fun than the usual O'Day. Any suggestions? I wouldn't want to go longer than 19'. Flying Scots look good, but they seem to be used mostly on lakes and bays. I sail off the coast of Massachusetts and it can get wavy and very windy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Stumble 04-15-2013 07:41 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer

As with all of these threads I think you need to provide a bit more information

1) price range
2) sailing experience
3) racing?
4) trailering?
5) where will it be stored
6) number of crew
7) intended use
8) any other information about how you will use the boat.

Your original post could cover everything from an Aussie 18 to a Moth, to a barely trailerable weekender.

jack3344 04-15-2013 08:01 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
Hi Stumble,
Thanks for the reply. Those are great questions and here's my info :
$17k is the max, and I'd like to buy new, if possible
I've been sailing all my life -- that's 57 years
Not racing
Trailering, but only at beginning and end of summer. Moored July-August
In winter it will be stored outside, probably
I'd like to fit around 6 adults
I expect to take all-day sails, up to 2 miles offshore
Some of the places I sail are shallow bays or over sandbars, so I need a centerboard. Often in summer a badass southwest wind springs up so I'd like to be able to reef the mainsail. The option to put a small outboard would come in handy, but not necessary. Other questions?
Thanks for your help.

jack3344 04-15-2013 09:01 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
I just saw the Moth video. Just to be clear, this would be a family-friendly craft, just a little more interesting than a standard Day Sailer.

FlyingJunior 04-16-2013 06:08 AM

What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer

FlyingJunior 04-16-2013 08:37 AM

What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
I don't own one, but it sounds perfect for what you have indicated you want...

It started when Bruce Kirby's home club (Noroton Yacht Club, Darien, CT USA) couldn't find the right boat to get their members involved in club racing; fewer and fewer of its members were participating.

They studied a great many existing classes of boats but all were considered too expensive, too slow, too demanding to sail, or just plain uncomfortable. So Bruce was asked to design a new boat specifically to meet the requirements of a club racing one-design keelboat fleet.

It had to be exciting to race, but easy to handle by sailors of all ages, strengths and skill levels. It had to be a really good day sailor, spacious and comfortable to sit in all day long. It had to be trailerable, plus easy to launch for wet or dry sailing. Plus a safe, well behaved training boat to help teach new sailors how to sail and have fun doing it. Finally, it had to have a good but uncomplicated set of class rules.

The prototype Sonar sailing off Noroton, March, 1980.

The result was the Sonar. The Noroton Yacht Club got every thing they wanted and more. And the Sonar has been greeted with enthusiasm by individuals and clubs all over the world.

jack3344 04-16-2013 12:00 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
Sounds like a great boat. But I do some shallow-water sailing, so I can't have a keel boat. It's also longer than I need.

Stumble 04-16-2013 06:16 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
Tanzer 22, with a centerboard comes to mind.

Don't worry about to much leingth, unless you have storage restrictions there is no down side to a longer boat, and a lot of advantages.

CalebD 04-16-2013 09:23 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
Tanzer 22 is a reasonable suggestion. Decent sailor that you could actually overnite on with one other person. There is one that races in our club's spinnaker division races (PHRF) and they do quite well against that fleet (fin keel version though, I think).

I had a Lightning 19' for a few years. Similar to a Flying Scot. Fairly large cockpit but it fills up fast as you add bodies making the sailing part more difficult. Fun to sail (nor reef points) and no reason for a motor as .5 knots of wind still made it move. I carried a few paddles for when the wind really died.

The other 19 footer I come up with is the Rhodes/Mariner 19' with centerboard. The smallest big boat you could ever own besides a Montgomery 17' or 15'. The Rhodes 19' had a cuddy cabin that you could sleep in (but was not comfortable) but it fits most of your criteria although most will be on the rather old side now.

If you have $17K to spend look at the Montgomery boats.

bobperry 04-21-2013 12:54 PM

Re: What's funner than a 17' Day Sailer
Find yourself a nice Lightning. 19', very trailerable, roomy, fun to sail and designed by S&S.

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