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SkiGull 09-05-2009 10:58 PM

Look for Bristol 28 owners
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I own a Bristol 28s SKI GULL (1972). Very little is know about the 28's and the is a lot of speculation on how many were built. I have heard 7 to 30 Hulls.
I trying to build some history on the 28"s, and put together photos of each boat.
See Pictures at
But I am looking for facts.

Bristol 28 Half Ton
1972 Vandalay Hull # 1
1972 SKI GULL Hull # ??????????
1973 Great Scot Hull # 8
1973 Ellen R Hull # 9
1972 Hull #10
1975 Ol' Blu Hul #18 HIN BYT28018575
1975 Sultana, Hull #19 Jeff Mann
1976 Aimless Hull # 20 BTY280200276
???? WIRED Sail # 29
???? Dynamite-Lady Hull#????
Thanks for any information anyone can give me.

langianeseli 09-09-2009 09:05 AM

Hull #9

I am the new owner of Hull #9. It was originally titled in '73 - even though it was advertised as a 75; because there is no legitimate HIN I have no way of verifying actual build date. These are pretty unique little boats.

Here is a pic of the boat in the water:

- since mine is on the hard for the next couple of days I will see if I can get you a picture of her on jacks. I am interested to see what your research yields.


SkiGull 09-09-2009 11:33 AM

I been sail on Ski Gull for over 10 years.
I am the 4th owner of Hull #1 Bristol 28. Eastport Yacht Sales used a picture of my boat out of the water in the ad the ran on to sell your 28.
I am told by my Stepfather my boat has some Intersting history.
I told around 1972 #1 hull was taken to a boat show as bare boat with no interior or engine to sell orders. She was later sold to be raced out of Marblehead Ma. When I stipped the bottom paint #1 had a old boot stripe 6 to 8 inchs lower. I was told the 1st owner sold a line of Ski boats and that is were the name Ski Gull came from. Ski Gull later had the interior and engine installed. I have seen the interior of one other 28 and it was very fancy lot more wood work. Ski Gull's interior looks just like your #9. So I wonder if Ski Gull was returned to Bristol about the time #9 was out fitted to have the interoir installed or if they just copied one of the sister ships. Ski Gull's 2nd owner was a Dentist. After only couple years the Dentist sold Ski Gull to my Stepfather in 1978. My stepfather sail her out of Ipswich, Massachusetts untill the late 1980's When he mover her to the north Chesapeake Bay. A Few years later He mover her close to Oriental NC. After spend 20 years in the Navy and Navy Reserve working on fighter Jets. my stepfather got me hook on sailing. I got Ski Gull in in 2004. I Move Ski Gull to Washinton NC about 4 Years ago
My Stepfather said he spoke to someone at Bristol Yachts in 1978 who told him the were only 7 hulls layed up for the 28's. Ski Gull is a USCG document boat since new and is listed as Hull #1 on that paperwork.
I do not doubt that your 28 was hull # 9 as Hull #8 is already listed on the Bristol owners web site. Understood from Eastpost Yacht sales web site that the Bristol plaque in the cockpit had a #9 on it . The cockpit plaque on hull #1 has 302. I think the plaque on #1 was left over from another run of boats. I not sure how many 28 Bristol layed up, at this Point I have heard a number as high as 30. But if there are 30 other 28's they in hiding. I been looking for other 28's on the internet for years now and I have only seen 4 28's every listed.
As I said I am trying to gather information on the Bristol 28's. So any Information you can send me about the Your 28 would be helpful. pictures copies of old records on just the oral history on your 28. Once I get it together I send a copy to you.
For some reason I could not see the picture in the Link.
I think you going to be very happy with your boat. She feel big but handle small. I only caution you to reef sooner then later as she have a good bit of weather helm in a sudden blow.
We heading out today hope to sail to ocracoke
Let try to keep in touch.

SkiGull 09-14-2009 10:03 PM

SkiGull Haul out
Had SkiGull Hauled out today. She look pretty good after 2 year in water. Afraid I can not get picture to load. Would like to see how you rudder is hung. Main bottom attachment point.

SkiGull 09-15-2009 08:01 PM

I heard from two other owners.

langianeseli 09-17-2009 11:03 AM

Not sure how to get ahold of the Rockhall Owner

I had mine out for engine work 2 weeks ago, but didn't get any close ups of the rudder....I will send you the few pics I did take with my IPHONE though. It is a Skeg hung rudder. She is coming out for the season in November then I can get you any pics you might request.

Hopefully whoever bought that boat on Ebay is a Sailnet member and will find us - I couldn't get the seller's info from the marina. Snipe63 got his boat as a Katrina it isn't him.

As far as the HIN..I know how Bristol HIN numbers work but still can't find it. Maryland actually assigned me a generic HIN - which I am responsible for putting on the boat. I will probably do this over the winter.

Take care and let me know what your search yields.


SkiGull 09-17-2009 07:05 PM

Hunting 1972-1975 Bristol Yachts 28' Fin Keel racers
Thanks, That would give us 6 B28's that we know out there. 5 of which we know where they are. Thanks for the Help

FishmanTx 09-18-2009 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by langianeseli (Post 523556)
As far as the HIN..I know how Bristol HIN numbers work but still can't find it. Maryland actually assigned me a generic HIN - which I am responsible for putting on the boat. I will probably do this over the winter.

Take care and let me know what your search yields.


It's a very shallow stamp and is probably filled with paint. But it is where thit's supposed to be. :)

SkiGull 09-18-2009 08:37 PM

Hey Neil
Have you seen any B28 in Tx. We looking to see if we can get a fix on how many B28 hulls were laid up. Please spread the word
Thanks for any help.
1972 Bristol 28

SkiGull 10-12-2009 07:58 PM

Need Help
Bristol owners I need your help. Fall is upon us and many northern boats will be hauled for the winter. So please keep a eye out for Bristol 28's.

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