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Sue & Larry 10-09-1999 08:00 PM

Considerations When Buying a Boat
<HTML><!-- eWebEditPro --><P>I've been following your articles since day one. I have to say your article about selling Safari is the best one yet. My wife and I are in our twenties. We live aboard a 1977 Valiant 32. For us the 32 was the least expensive boat we felt we could safely cruise anywhere and still have a comfortable place to call home while we are working. It is so nice to hear about people sticking with their dreams and plans of what they want to do rather than sticking with the status quo of bigger/newer is better and the "buy the biggest boat you can afford motto". It is so much better to "Out There" than it is to be tied to the dock with that big, new boat. </P><P>I've often asked the question. Sailing from San Diego to the Marquesas which will get you there faster, a 30-footer or a 40-footer of similar design? The 30-footer, because you can leave several years sooner! </P><P>Great decision folks. Look to more articles on your new home. </P><P>Fair Winds, <BR>Justin Wolfe</P><P><B>The answer from Larry and Sue: </B></P><P>You sound like you've already figured out a lot of the important things early in life. We love your scenario of the faster boat! </P><P>We are now on our new boat Serengeti for a month now and are finding no change in quality of life being on an older boat. We're just spending our time doing different things for awhile. Actually, we believe that all the work we need to do on this boat helps us understand the boat much better, and you won't want to be anywhere near us when we're finished, as we're going to be the proudest owners in the world, and will probably bore you to death! </P><P>Regards, <BR>Sue &amp; Larry</P></HTML>

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