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Micca Hutchins 10-07-1999 08:00 PM

The Longshore 19
<HTML> <P> <div align="left"> <TABLE ALIGN=left BORDER="1"> <TR BGCOLOR="Navy"> <TD> <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="2" COLOR="WHITE"> <B>The Longshore 19</B><BR> <B>Principal Dimensions</B><BR> </font></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD> <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="2"> LOA 19' 6"<BR> LWL 16'<BR> Beam 7'<BR> Draft 1' 6"<BR> Displacement 2,425 lbs.<BR> Ballast 1,100 lbs.<BR> Sail Area 192 sq. ft.<BR> <B>Price: $28,000</B><BR> Longshore International, Inc.<BR> 118 N. Woodlawn Ave.<BR> Annapolis, MD 21401<BR> Tel: (410) 267-9321<BR> </font></TD> </TR> </TABLE><P> Who wouldn't smile when gazing at the pure confection of the <big></big>Longshore 19's lines? Start at its exuberant bowsprit and trace back along that saucy sheer, descending then ascending, to the perfectly counterpoised stern-hung rudder. But there is more. Using a workboat form taken from Shetland Islands fishing boats, this lug-rigged dory has been made into a nifty pocket cruiser.</P> <P>A camping interior is laid out below the distinguished cuddy. The cozy space has four berths and the basic amenities for weekend roughing it.</P> <P>This 19-foot double-ender is the product of Annapolis-based Longshore International, whose founder, Graham Howitt, set up import of the boat from England. (There is also a 16-foot version.) The faux lapstrake hull is molded fiberglass and topped with touches of teak (for the caprail, decks, <img src="" width=202 height=166 alt="" border="0" align=LEFT>and companionway) and bronze (for the fairleads, portholes, and the gudgeons and pintles). <P>Saltiness is all well and good, but the Longshore 19 makes clever use of some of the best of the present. In fact, this weekender is a boatload of trompe d'oeil. Look closely at the mast; instead of solid spruce, it is carbon fiber, weighing all of 10 pounds. This versatility makes it easy to lift the spar off its deck step when vertical clearance is an issue, while adding to the ease of trailering and setting up the boat. Taking the place of the redoubtable cedar bucket (obviously not a Type 3 holding tank) is a smartly stowing Porta Potti. In lieu of the old-standby sea-swing stove is a microwave. Instead of the bowels of the bilge, there is an "electric icebox" to keep perishables. The1500-watt inverter that comes on the 19 powers these appliances. Raising the CQR is done with the electric anchor windlass. You needn't clamor out the bowsprit timber to douse the jib for it's on a furler. Lastly, the Longshore 19 comes with a 10-horsepower diesel with folding prop.</P><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=202 HEIGHT=191 ALT="" BORDER="0" ALIGN=RIGHT HSPACE="5" VSPACE="5"><P>The Longshore 19 sails under a standing balanced lug rig, with a total of 192 square feet of area from the quadrilateral sail and high-cut jib. The rig is boomless with the double-purchase mainsheet led to the head of the ash tiller and cleated at the business end. Albeit a bit antiquated, it's a nice arrangement for the solo sailor. There really is no cockpit. The helmsperson sits in the open, above the self-draining well.</P><P>No question, the Longshore will want capable hands guiding her. With a full-length,18-inch-draft keel, it will expect perfect amounts of speed to heel for optimal control. A boat born from the North Atlantic, the integrity of this coastal sailor is deeply established through generations <IMG SRC="" WIDTH=202 HEIGHT=166 ALT="" BORDER="0" ALIGN=LEFT HSPACE="5" VSPACE="5">of plying those cantankerous waters. Were conditions ever too much for the little 19, this is a boat that could ride up on a sandy beach.</P><P>The Longshore has a provision for buoyancy chambers in fore and aft stations. Other options are diesel cabinheater and bimini.<P>The Longshore is priced at around $28,000. <BR><DIV ALIGN ="CENTER"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=317 ALT="" BORDER="0"></DIV></HTML>

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