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Jon Shattuck 01-11-2002 07:00 PM

Information on a Specific Boat
<HTML><FONT face=Arial><P>I am looking for any information I can get on Helms Sailboats. I am looking at buying a Helms 27. I am looking for websites, clubs, etc. Thank you for your help.</P><P><B>Jon Shattuck responds:<BR></B>You came to the right place! I recommend that you start your search by first logging on to and checking out what you can find there about the Helms 27. (I'm the manager of, so that's why I make this suggestion, but it will help you.) Here's how you do that:</P><UL><LI>Go to <A class=articlelink href=""><FONT face=Arial></FONT></A><FONT face=Arial> </FONT></FONT><FONT face=Arial><LI>Click on SEARCH SAILBOATS <LI>Enter HELMS under BUILDER <LI>Click SUBMIT <LI>Click on the Helms 27 for sale</LI></UL><P>Not only can you review this vessel on, but you can also access SailNet's <A class=articlelink href="">BOATCHECK</A> database (owner's reviews), which contains reviews of the Helms 27 from four different owners, and you can also log on to SailNet's <A class=ARTICLELINK href="">E-mail Discussion List</A>, through which you can join the <A class=ARTICLELINK href="">Helms Owners Discussion List</A>, and ask questions of current Helms owners. Of course to access those resources you'll have to be a registered SailNet Member, but that is something that only takes a minute to do and it's free.<BR><BR>The other thing you can do if you're not satisfied by what you find through those avenues is to post a general message on SailNet's <A class=articlelink href="">Message Boards</A> and explain that you're looking for information on this particular boat. </P><P>Of course there is also some information in print on these boats and if you have access to either <EM>Mauch's Sailboat Guide</EM> or <EM>BUC's Used Boat Guide</EM>, you can learn more about the Helms through those sources.</P><P>The other thing that you can do is to conduct an on-line search for the boat through a reputable search engine. Of course this is more of a hit-or-miss approach and you'll have better luck with my first suggestion. Best of luck to you.</P><P>&nbsp;</P></FONT></HTML>

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