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Jon Shattuck 08-01-2001 08:00 PM

Selling a Boat
<HTML><P>I am contacting you with the&nbsp;hope of getting an idea of how long any given boat may be registered with BoatSearch, and to&nbsp;get an idea of how long it takes most boats to sell. Can you give me an aproximate or average selling time for a sailboat in the 25-foot range that was built between 1975 and '80?<BR><BR><STRONG>Jon Shattuck responds:<BR></STRONG>Some boats sell in less than a week, and some sit on the market for years. I'd say the average is six months, depending on a boatload of variables.<BR><BR>A 25-footer of that vintage is a tougher sale, and smaller boats tend to sell best in the spring selling season, while larger boats tend to sell well year-round. That said, you have to have your boat on the market in order for it to sell.&nbsp;I usually advise putting a boat on the market three to six&nbsp;months before you are really ready to let it go, as the selling process demands time and patience.<BR><BR>Preparing a boat for sale is the first step, researching the market is the second, and creating a complete equipment list is the third.&nbsp; (See the <A class=articlelink href="">Seller Tips</A>&nbsp;section in BoatSearch for help with the first two steps, and you will accomplish the third when you list your boat for sale in BoatSearch.)<BR><BR>There are three listing fee options in BoatSearch; $9.95 for one month, $1/foot of boat length for three months ($20 minimum), or $49.95 until the boat sells (no time limit).<BR><BR>Happy selling!<BR></P></HTML>

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