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Jon Shattuck 01-14-2002 07:00 PM

Selling a Boat
<HTML><P>I have an S2 7.9, but I'm planning on upgrading to a larger size hull and will be selling my old boat in order to do that. I've heard that BoatSearch is a good website where sailors can both sell and purchase boats. Can you give me some assistance in completing this task?</P><P><STRONG>John Shattuck responds</STRONG>:<BR>Thanks for your inquiry. (The pictures were great, by the way. Having a good picture of your boat under sail can really help in marketing the boat.)<BR><BR>Selling before buying is one of the most important keys to maximizing your boating enjoyment. (That way you avoid the headaches of being a two-boat owner. Nothing is worse than being an admiral.) But keep in mind that buying boats is easy, and selling boats usually takes a lot of patience.<BR><BR>The good news is that S2s are great boats, particularly in the Midwestern US. They sail well in all conditions and most models are built like a rock. But the downside is that they can take awhile to sell. (I speak from experience because I was a broker in the Midwest for a dozen years.)<BR><BR>Now, about using BoatSearch. What you've heard is correct. is not only a great selling medium, but it will help you create a proper equipment list as well, and that's a vital part of the boat-selling process. (See "Seller Tips" on;<BR><BR>Because you have a relatively small boat, spring will definitely be your best bet for selling. I'd recommend that you put BoatSearch to work for you right now, and also that you use your personal network of boating friends as well as placing ads in regional magazines. Then, as the snow begins to melt, you can place ads in the classified section of the local newspaper as well. (It's like that old saying, the more hooks you have in the water, the sooner you'll catch a fish.)<BR><BR>Here's how to list a boat for sale on <BR><BR>1. Go online to <A class=articlelink href=""></A><BR>2.&nbsp;Click on "Register," and do so as an "Owner"<BR>(Remember or write down your username and password, you'll need them to access your personal BoatSearch page and edit your listing later on.)<BR>3. Click on the "List a Boat" button<BR>4. Select your payment option (three to choose from):<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; a.&nbsp; $9.95/month<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; b.&nbsp; $1/foot of boat length for 3 months ($20 minimum)<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; c.&nbsp; $49.95 until your boat sells (no time limit)<BR>5.&nbsp;Create a complete online equipment list for your boat<BR>6.&nbsp;"Specifications;" you&nbsp;fill in the blanks and pull-down menus<BR>7. "Descriptions;" write information about your boat by location, etc.<BR>8. "Photos;" add up to six images of your boat.<BR><BR>Now you're done, and you've got more than just a small classified ad of a few lines; indeed you have a complete, seaworthy equipment list for prospective customers to review. It's printable, and people can e-mail it as well.<BR><BR>(If you prefer, you can always create a basic listing, and then come back, log in, and edit your listing at a later time.In fact, we recommend limiting your first listing writing session to 15 minutes because some ISPs will disconnect you if you take longer, and then all your work is lost.)<BR><BR>If the above information is an any way confusing, please get in touch with me directly (<A class=articlelink href="">jshattuck@b</A><A href="" >)</A>. Also, let me know how I can help you with your boat selling ventures. Good luck.&nbsp;</P></HTML>

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