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Sue & Larry 02-20-2002 07:00 PM

Shoal Draft Cruisers
<HTML><P>Can you tell me which cruising monohulls have a draft of about four feet<P><STRONG>Sue &amp; Larry respond:<BR></STRONG>Thanks for your question. Actually, there aren't that many cruising monohulls larger than 30 feet that meet this criteria. Boat designers always face the difficulty of giving the consumer a shallow draft vessel while maintaining that craft's performance and safety. The keel on a cruising boat provides stability, righting moment, and the lateral resistance needed to enable a boat to sail to weather. Centerboard keels and wing keels have both been design solutions to address the dilemma of draft vs. performance. </P><P>Nonetheless, our favorite boats&nbsp;in the 30 to 40-foot range that come close to meeting your criteria are as follows:</P><P>Tartan 37𦳤" draft</P><P>Bristol 35.5𦟿" draft</P><P>Block Island 40𦳤" draft</P><P>Hinckley Bermuda 40𦳤" draft</P><P>Morgan Out Island 41𦳤" draft</P><P>Pearson 35𦟿" draft</P><P>Nonsuch 30𦳢" draft</P><P>Freedom Cat Ketch33 36" draft</P><P>Tartan 34𦟷1" draft</P><P>If you抮e looking at these models, be aware that some were built with deeper-draft versions as well. Regarding newer boats, you might want to take a look at the Shannon Shoalsailor 32. It sports a draft of 30" with its dagger boards raised. And the new Pacific Seacraft 34 has a draft of 41". </P><P>Have fun boat shopping.</P></HTML>

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