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satterwhited 09-26-2010 03:56 PM

C&C Landfall 39 Capabilities?
Has anybody had any experience with offshore cruising on a C&C Landfall 39? I'm seriously debating cutting my shore side ties and taking off! However, not so sure if I have the best boat for serious cruising? Any advice would be appreciated regarding a Landfall 39.

A little bit about the boat. I've owned and sailed her for five years up and down the California coast between San Francisco and San Diego, never more then 60 miles offshore. She completed the Baja-Haha with her last owner in 2001 and supposedly did excellent, for what she is. I have no delusions about her sailing ability, she is not fast, she points reasonably to windward, but she is very comfortable and well set up for life on the anchor, water maker, generator, solar, wind, etc...... As I have no real offshore/blue water sailing experience, my concern is the boats capabilities. I guess my real question is, is she seaworthy enough for an ocean crossing and is her sailing ability realistically strong enough to take me where I want to go, and not pull my hair out trying to sail there? Or should I consider another boat? Any thoughts????

KeelHaulin 03-26-2011 01:01 AM

If you are sailing it up and down the California coast without issues or difficulty I don't see why you can't take it blue water cruising. Here is a Landfall 38 that was prepared for extended cruising:

C&C Landfall 38 - Stella Blue

svHyLyte 03-26-2011 09:03 AM

Aside from lacking somewhat in pointing ability, the Landfall series yachts are very capable off-shore boats and were some of the studiest built by C&C which was a good builder. Ensure the standing rigging is good or replace it and that all of the thru-hulls and ball-valves are in good shape and you should be good to go. The only addition I would make if you don't already have it is a good sturdy autopilot and/or vane. In many espects blue-water is safer than coastal as its usually the hard stuff around the edges that kills yachts.


pirateman54 06-17-2011 01:28 PM

You should have bought my C&C 35 mkII for 8 grand last month. The landfall is an ok boat. would I recomend heading way out in one? Well I would but in old and really don't have much to live for anymore lol. The 35mk I or II is the only blue water boat i reall trust having sailed mine for 7 years. Points almost into the wind, built like canadian brick out house, and like a canadian on vacation will not tip. lowest roll ratio of any sailboat period at 1.36. The landfall is a coastal cruiser and a lousey boat. Any C&C built after 1975 is questionable. I,ve been in some really rough stuff over the years with the mkII and shes always brought me home. Plus she flys. Ive had her up to 9.75 knots.

satterwhited 10-08-2012 11:50 AM

Re: C&C Landfall 39 Capabilities?
Cruising in a C&C Landfall 39? I originally posted the question a few years ago. Since then we have gone cruising. We took first place for our division in the Baja Haha, cruised Mexico for a year, then I single handed it to Hawaii and back to San Francisco. Before leaving San Francisco I replaced the standing rigging and installed a Monitor windvane on the stern. I can honestly say she is a great blue water boat. Is she the fastest boat? No. But she's not the slowest either. Her pointing ability is actually pretty good, as her jib sheet track is fairly far inboard. A properly cut head sail will make all the difference. Like most boat's, most of her power is derived from the head sail, while her mainsail is used mostly for balancing. That being said, a monitor wind vane will teach you how to get the most from her. Her center cockpit kept me dry most of the time, except when I had 16-20 foot seas and consistent 35-40 knot winds covering the boat. I guarantee you, an aft cockpit would have been a wet experience on the trip to and back from Hawaii. In short I love my C&C Landfall 39. She has a ton of storage, two cabins, two heads, balances easily, and is built plenty strong enough for offshore cruising. Plus, now that we are back to work and refilling the cruising kitty, she is plenty big enough to live aboard.

In short I can say, she is not a race boat, but she is comfortable, safe, and roomy. And let's face it, if your cruising full time, your on the hook, which means comfort and space is king! You can check out our blog at

Camanoe. wordpress. com

Andrew Burton 10-31-2012 06:05 PM

Re: C&C Landfall 39 Capabilities?
The Landfall 39 should be fine for offshore cruising, as the others have said. With care, just about any boat will do. For several months, one year, I bumped into a C&C 30 cruising the Caribbean. The couple aboard seemed quite comfortable. The one thing I'd do, were I in your position, would be to have a proper survey of the boat done by an accredited marine surveyor.

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