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nycswashbuckler 07-20-2012 01:56 PM

How to set mast wedges on a C&C 30 MK I? (+ some questions)
Ahoy sailors,

I am new here in this forum and here I am right away with some more or less important calls for help from you for the 1980 C&C 30 Mk I "Mistral IV". Most important things first:

Could someone of you help me explaining how I set mast wedges on a 30' Mk I? I forgot what goes where in which direction - and where to get the wedges at all. Since we are in the midst of the season, I don't consider to use a Spartite wedge system for now but to do the old wedgy thingy and tape the mast boot off. Nevertheless, do you have experience with the Spartite, is it working properly and worth the money? Any help about the proper wedge size, where to get them, and eventually how to place them, would be welcome.

Ok, since I bore you stiff here anyway, may I ask you some more questions? Maybe you can help with these:

- Do you know the size of the sink basket in the galley? Ours disappeared last winter on the hard.
- Did you retrofit the stove, replacing solenoid, lines and tank? Would you share your experience?
- I did replace the gaskets on the bow hatch, set the whole frame in a new silicone bed and reset the plexiglass with silicone into the frame. Nevertheless I often find water drops on the ceiling over the V-berth. The hatch seems to be watertight. Could this just be condensation?
- Is there any way of "unblinding" a plexiglass hatch but grinding and polishing it down? The surface cracks are quite deep now, and I wonder if there is some material to fill them in.
- Same on the starboard side near the bulkhead just forward of the window: I find tracks of water running but can not locate the source. We replaced the hand rails and did det them into epoxy plus sealant on the outside, so they are as watertight as they can be and it seems not to be the problem. Is this issue known to other C&C 30 MK I sailors?
- We have some stress cracks on the deck, mostly around stanchions and at neuralgic points. I opened the cracks a bit with a Dremel and filled them with white epoxy. Is this the way to go or would you take another route.

I am looking forward to your answer, thanks a lot, and happy sailing


jsaronson 07-20-2012 02:14 PM

Re: How to set mast wedges on a C&C 30 MK I? (+ some questions)

Join the C&C forum C&C Yachts - C&C Photo Album & Resource Center. Lots of C&C owners and a great list serve as well as photos and instructions. The hatch lense probably needs to be replaced. You can get them from Atkins & Hoyle or take it to a good plastic shop. The leak could be from the windows. South Shore Yachts in Ontario might be able to sell you new frames if that is what you need.

nycswashbuckler 07-20-2012 02:37 PM

Re: How to set mast wedges on a C&C 30 MK I? (+ some questions)
thanks for your quick answer. I know and use cncphotoalbum frequently :), but just struggle with their antique listserve concept. I definitely will check with the the hatch and window addresses. Thanks a lot!

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