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jproppe 08-08-2012 03:18 PM

C & C Mark I Input
Hi there ...

Im in the process of purchasing my first sailboat. I am an experienced "crew member" but would consider myself to be an overall beginner sailor that sails cautiously. My experience in sailing thus far has been on an O'Day 25 (keel centreboard, with a draft of 24" CB up, 4' CB down.)

Im comfortable with light to mid winds, moderate heeling and looking for a nice weekend cursor. I am more interested in overall weekend comfort and cursing stability over racing. I will be sailing primarily solo, or with my boys (aged 11 & 13.)

I am interested in purchasing a 1973 C & C Mark I. I have seen and sailed the boat, it is in really excellent condition, comes with many new sails, some modern instrumentations and a new marine head and tanks. (Link to ad: 1973 C & C Mark I )

Questions / Advice please .... specifically:

#1. Is $5,900 a fair price, considering the boat has no rolling furling, no stereo, no shore power and no trailer?

#2. I test sailed it on a fairly windy day (I believe wind gusts up to 30 knots) and white capped water) so the boat FLEW but really heeled. (As a beginner, it scared me a bit.:eek:) Is the C&C 25 generally stable? Forgiving? Does it tend to always heel? :rolleyes:

#3. Im looking for a boat to grow in, but will likely never race her (.... who knows though...) Was the C & C 24 built more for racing or cursing?

#4. Overall impressions of the C & C 25 Mark I. Any current owners have any input/review of their boat?

#5. Is this a suitable boat to learn on and grow with?

Thanks! :)

jsaronson 08-09-2012 09:32 AM

Re: C & C Mark I Input
The older C&C's tend to be a little tender, but are perfectly safe. They tended to be racer/cruisers. If the hull, rigging and sails are in good condition, it is a fair asking price, although I would offer less. Furling on a 25 is not essential, a stereo can be had for $150, or you can bring a portable with you.
Check out for everything C&C. Good luck!

PaulinVictoria 08-09-2012 02:28 PM

Re: C & C Mark I Input
#1: Yes, that's a fair price, actually that's a very good price for that boat. There are plenty of 25s for sale round here at a few thousand more than that, and not is as nice shape.
#2: You will give up long before the boat. In 30 knot gusts you should be reefed at least once, maybe twice as otherwise you're going to be dunking the rails and it will be generally quite unpleasant (for a novice).
#3: Pretty much all C&Cs are/were designed to cruise and race. They are usually good at both too.
#4: Been on a couple, they are nice. Haven't owned one, but have its smaller sister (the 24). Big boat for its size.
#5: Yes, it's a very forgiving boat, built strong with good manners. It's perfect.

jsaronson 08-09-2012 09:57 PM

Re: C & C Mark I Input
not sure where you are but there is a newer C&C 24 on craigslist in DC for 1400!

ltgoshen 08-14-2012 01:22 PM

Re: C & C Mark I Input
I spent $2,500 for the boat it came with 7 sails a good running 2gm yanmar diesel and a lot of other stuff. Yes it took 4 months and a lot of work. I spent $4,500.00 on a haul-out and bottom cleaning and paint for the bottom. The C&C is a great boat. especially the older ones. Mine is a 1981 C&C 30MK1 She handles like a dream. I still have some things to do to get her were I want to be but no one has every project done on there vessel's/ The price you have there is a great price. some things to check if you are not going to get a survey.
1) Balsa core rest "moisture meter".
2) Standing Rigging
3) running rigging
4) Keel Bolts Torque? "C&C Smile"
5) Wiring/ charging system "Batteries"
6) Holding tank clean and water tight.
7) Head " Y-valve Rebuild or replace. replaced my own $275.00
8) Anchor system.
9) thru-Hull valves" Engine intake, Cockpit drain, Sink to y into Cockpit drain, head,
10 Sail inventory, " shackles halyards, Sheets, Clamps associated hardware.
11 Electronics. Bare min: Depth, GPS, VHS. Optional. Wind direction and speed Hull speed VMG.

What ever you do have fun. Don't be afraid to do it your self on a lot of the projects. Its fun and it lets you get to know your vessel real well. I will give you a feeling on ownership. You do some bonding with her. You will both benefit. Good luck

sailingfool 08-14-2012 03:04 PM

Re: C & C Mark I Input
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The C&C 25 Mark I is a great boat, I owned the big sister 30 version for a number of years long ago and still consider her the best boat I've owned. I would take this model over any other 25' without hesitation. this is a reasonably stiff boat, your heeling in 30 MPH wind depends on the sail area, you should have been using a 100% jib alone or double-reefed main if no such jib. This boat will handle better than most anything else you might come across in this size.

A keel boat like this is not likely to have a trailer, even if it did, you'd need a crane to launch it...

The price seems reasonable for the stated condition and gear.

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