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mgb69 02-14-2013 10:22 PM

C&C 30 interior question
I'm looking at moving up to a bigger boat (currently own a Mirage 24 - which is small when I have my 4 kids out for anything more than an afternoon)
I have been looking at C&C 29's and 30's online and I'm hoping someone can offer some insider info (not much to look at locally with all the snow right now)

The 29 looks good with the extra 1/4 berth - giving me bed space for all the kids.

Then I realized that the table in the 30 folded down to make a bed - so it should also offer space for 5 to sleep.
Except looking on Yachtworld I came across a photo of the 'bed' and it looked way too small for 2 people.

Can anyone with hands on experience offer some advice?
How big is the bed when the table is converted?
Space for 2 people?
V-berth a fair size as well?
What about sitting to eat? Table looks small with barely enough room for 4 people - where 29 looks to have space for more.

Or does a 29 (mk1 or 2) end up offering more sleeping space with the quarter berth?
(I'm guessing the addition of a quarter berth means A LOT less stowage space under the cockpit)

Thanks in advance,

Faster 02-14-2013 10:59 PM

Re: C&C 30 interior question
I would say there's not much in it either way... techincally you've got 5 sleeping spaces, with the 30's dinette 4 of them are 'doubles'.. with the quarterberths and centerline tables the V berth is the only 'double'.

The cockpits are very similar, and that's an area where you're likely to 'feel the squeeze' for space as your kids get older (and bigger).. These boats do not have large cockpits.

Personally I think the 29 MKII is the prettiest of the lot, but it's also probably the smallest overall. Surprisingly there's not necessarily that much price diff between the three of them, with the 'cherry' MKIIs drawing the higher prices as a rule.

Ideally, of course, you get yourself on examples of all three.. you'll know which one suits you best...

mgb69 02-15-2013 09:10 AM

C&C 30 interior question
Yes, getting in the boats is the only way to really get a feel for the size.

Looking at diagrams with no reference is difficult. That said, the 29Mk2 looks to be noticeably smaller in the v-berth and head while the 30's dinette double looks to be the size of a single bed.
Trying the sleep a herd of kids, that as they become teenagers don't want to touch each other!!! Gets challenging.
Don't want too big a boat for my own sailing, plus have a displacement target of under 9000lbs (that is max capacity for crane at my club - extra costs if I exceed that)

There are a couple of local boats for sale so I'll be checking them out when the snow clears.


Sanduskysailor 02-19-2013 04:23 PM

Re: C&C 30 interior question
I have a 29 MK-2. V-berth is great for 2 kids. Quarter berth is about 1-1/2. Starboard settee is a bit skinny. Port settee folds into a nifty double which easily big enough for 2 adults. Good storage in starboard lazarette. No storage on port side. Twin propane lockers in cockpit. We've insulated one for cold drink storage. Other one has a removable wastebasket. We have an Origo stove so no need for propane.

Head is adequate but not overly large. 2 Adults and 2 kids should be no problem for a week cruise. Opening port option in the quarter berth makes it a nice place to sleep.

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