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PaulinVictoria 05-04-2013 11:35 PM

27 vs 30
So, following on from the earlier 30 vs 33 thread, how about 27 vs 30? Seems that the 27 might provide a good compromise between size and affordability. There are plenty around, a good one is about $8-10k less than a good 30 footer.
I haven't seen any 30 footers that said "buy me", and don't want to be boatless if Tangerine sells (which is looking hopeful). I could pick up a 27 and get 75% of the advantages of the 30, at a fraction of the cost.

SlowButSteady 05-05-2013 12:54 AM

Re: 27 vs 30
In many ways a 27' boat has the advantages of its bigger sisters. Most have enough size for two cabins and an enclosed head. Most are large enough to install a little diesel w/o giving up too much room. Many are just big enough for standing headroom w/o looking too "boxy". And, moving up from a 24' to a 27' will probably give you almost twice as much "living space". On the other hand, 27' is pretty close to the bare minimum for these things. So often such a boat will feel a tad snug. A 30' boat will often feel quite a bit more comfortable, if only because it isn't right at the minimum necessary size. This is particularly true when it comes to aesthetics: a 27' boat is usually big enough to have standing headroom and still have descent lines, but slightly larger boats tend to be much better looking, IMHO.

But, as you said, a 27' boat will probably be cheaper to buy. Remember too, the costs associated with a boat usually scale better with its displacement than with its length. So, a 27' boat will be initially cheaper, cheaper to fit out, cheaper to maintain, cheaper to moor, et cetera; probably at least a third to a quarter cheaper for each of those categories (rather than the 10% the three-foot difference would imply). It might also be easier to find a slip for a 27 footer. In my marina (in SoCal) there are literally dozens of empty slips big enough to accommodate a a 27' boat (my Cal 2-27 is starting to feel lonely), but there isn't one slip open at the moment for a 30' boat.

Dog Ship 05-05-2013 08:01 AM

Re: 27 vs 30
Hey Paul, it's been a long time since I sailed a 27', I used to race one many years ago.
I recall them being a fairly tender boat. Wasn't that something you were tryng to stay away from?
Slowbutsteady has layed it out pretty good, not much to add to that.

PaulinVictoria 05-05-2013 11:58 AM

Re: 27 vs 30
Yeah, it's hard to tell, anything is going to seem stable after a 24' though. If only someone was selling an orange (or at least a nice brightly coloured) 30.
I think the Mk1 is fairly stiff, then they got progressively more tender through the other marks, with the MkIII and IV being the most tender.

PaulinVictoria 05-10-2013 10:40 PM

Re: 27 vs 30
A 27 is looking more likely, had a look at a few, MkI, II and III in various states of disrepair (like a lot of boats of that vintage). I think the MkII is going to be a good compromise between relative stiffness and ability in the lighter air. With a bit of bargaining I should be able to go from Tangerine to a MkII 27' for basically nothing extra. I figure that at least buys me some time until an orange 30' comes along ;)

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